Our world is littered with things that we struggle to understand. Love War. Love has no disability, Love has no gender, love has no religion.

Our place in this ever-expanding universe. Maybe the only thing you truly know for certain is yourself. Your identity is the lens through which you process your reality, and nobody is capable of understanding your identity like you. So imagine what it feels like to have your identity denied, and to have somebody else assign you an inaccurate one. It's not a hypothetical. It’s a reality which those people face every day.

Love has no rules. It's a feeling that everyone has it least once in some type of way. So why can't women love women? Why can't men love men? Love is supposed to be the risk for anyone to take for anyone else. Its suppose to feel like something you can't describe, but you just know yours in it. So why can't the same gender fall for the same gender? Why can't they marry and make it official for the world to see? It's fair because no law said they can't. It just says for only a man and a woman. I believe anyone can love anyone they choose and everyone has to believe in this.

These activities that occur without a second thought for most people become moments of indignity and injustice for straight people. It’s a constant reminder that they can’t be recognized as themselves without someone else’s permission. To change their name and gender on legal documents, transgender's people are forced to go to unnecessary, demoralizing and often impossible lengths.

In some countries, their process even requires psychiatric confinement or forced sterilizations. These extreme demands strip different people of their basic human rights and leave them labeled as something they’re not. It's impossible to condense the complex notion of identity into a single, unchangeable M or F. Allowing people to change that letter recognizes that they know themselves better than any government or anyone else in this vast universe ever could.

They’re the generation that doesn’t want to label. They want to be their selves. They're ok with vague descriptions when that allows them to decide the meaning. Girlfriend or boyfriend means so little what you are is in love. Husband or wife doesn’t have quite the same ring. When everyone doesn’t have the freedom to marry. They never seem to help anyway. They're done being defined by their ethnicity, their sexual orientation, and their age. They don’t fit inside the boxes and they're perfectly OK with life outside the lines. They don’t live for other expectations. They embrace contradictions because unlike labels at least they feel real.

In this world, you’d see a hundred eyes hurry to objectify people. It’s a flurried dance of reaction. Some smile, they’re proud and they want them to know But there's a darker shade of brow that balances the books.

People should be able to love without the fear of being judged. Love has no sexuality, race, skin tone, or gender. Love is something special between two people. The feeling of love is indescribable; words can barely explain the feeling.