Right off the bat I am gonna tell you guys I loved this movie it was literally a sight to behold. I am not saying that because Batman is my favorite fictional character and Joker is my favorite fictional villain. 

It's basically a character study and it's very much an Elseworlds type movie where like forget about the killing joker and everything about the Joker’s origin or we don’t know about the Joker’s origin throw that out the window. It's great some of my favorite comic books, in general, are all swirled type stories I mean Gotham by Gaslight the injustice stories and so on and its because they can take these characters that we know and love from a certain. You know from a certain perspective and change it in these cool new ways that are kind of unexpected you.

Basically whatever you want with it if you’re not sticking to the main continuity and its some of my favorite storytelling for couple characters and you can't talk about this movie without talking about Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as the Joker AKA Arthur Fleck. It was absolutely insane and I know off the bat a lot of people are gonna want to compare him to Heath Ledger and I don’t necessarily think that’s fair as they’re two completely different movies.

The Dark Knight is pretty much your run of the mile superhero blockbuster film where the Joker is like a drama and character study so I guess for all the cinephiles out there. If you want to get technical you could say or you can say that Joaquin Phoenix’s performance had a lot more dept and stuff to it so technically, he has a better performance but I am not choosing sides there.

Its apples and oranges here they’ve both were amazing but this is talking about the Joker movie and I was literally left speechless. You probably kind of tell like it was just so good but to elaborate even more it was shocking how good Joaquin Phoenix was as the Joker-like you believed he was full-on crazy kind of scary. I think Joaquin Phoenix should have someone around him at all times because it was that unbelievable. I don’t know he might go off the wall any time now that’s how good his performance was. I want to see it again and his laughs. Let's take a second and talk about his laughs. If you watch any interviews or whatever he said that "he based it off of an actual disease where people have a chemical imbalance in their head and they laugh uncontrollably" so that’s how he laughs in this movie he doesn’t laugh like manically just out of like some sick joke or whatever like in the comics or cartoons it’s a sickness. He has a disorder and he laughs uncontrollably. He even has the card that he gives to people when they’re like what a freak are you laughing for and it explains to them that he has an illness which again is a completely different take on the Joker and I love it.

It's very much else was I probably gonna say that again that this movie is definitely that and it's all the better for it so that was absolutely crazy. There’s that one moment in the trailer where he’s rounding the hall and he’s laughing and he just turns it off like that in the journey. They take us on following this mentally ill man.
Slowly descend into madness is its just something to watch pretty crazy because his performance mixed with the slow burn of how and why this sick man turns into the Joker and does the things he does is just crazy like they don’t justify it. It's just very interesting to see why and how it happens and to be quite honest it's sad I mean they paint. It was like he’s trying at the beginning as he suffers from mental illness because the insane person would want it to become the man like the Joker. So he is trying but just so many things get in his way and obstacles and It doesn’t work out and he becomes THE CLOWN( JOKER).

One of the craziest things about his character in the movie as part of his illness is he imagines and concocts things in his brain that’s not happening in real life but they don’t explain that right away so there are several scenes where you think he is at a late-night show or he is with his girl and she is his girlfriend now and you think things are going good for him only for later for us to find out that was just him like dreaming or illusions.

He is full-on crazy it's pretty much like a coping mechanism that his brain makes for him so he doesn’t fat full madness right away again because he is trying to fight it off that’s what really sad about this movie. He is not like full like crazy right away its all these little things happen and he just can't fight it anymore and he goes crazy town but Joaquin Phoenix's incredible performance and everyone else in the movie was really good.

Now I will say he is like the focal point for like 80% to 90% of the movie but when we see everyone else they really do round out the entire movie and that’s definitely a big credit to writer-producer and director Todd Philips. who came to a lot of us know from the hangover which is an amazing comedy one of my favorite comedies but I got to be honest when they announced him as the director I wasn’t mad about it but I was like really Todd Philips the guy who did hangover that seems like an odd choice but He was a fantastic choice again he wrote it he produced it and he directed it, in this movie the storytelling the cinematography the pacing everything about it. He is really good.

Since this is an original take on the Joker origin that is extremely impressive because Todd Philips is not just adapting "The killing Joker" or any of the other origin stories you want to take from the comic books. He did his own thing for it to be this well done and cool even tie into the Batman Mythos.

We saw a different sequence so maybe not but for me initially that’s kind of how I took it and I know warner brothers Todd Philips and everyone involved said this is very much a one-off movie but the way they ended it with a door wide open seems like you could tie it in if you want to so that definitely could be a possibility but at the same time. It could still very much be like yeah it’s a joker movie of course at the end we’re gonna give you a Batman tease or show you how to like how Bruce is gonna become Batman now before I wrap this up I do have to at least mention all the controversy wrapped around this movie because the Joker is basically not it is about a madman a serial killer crazy person and given the times.

We live in some people who didn’t think that was appropriate but for us comic-book fans if you read the comics you know that’s what the Joker is and I am not justifying it but he is a villain. He is not supposed to be a good guy, he’s a villain and its just following how this man who’s clearly mentally ill fell into madness and like any good villain. You feel some sympathy for them. I can’t stress it enough. I am not justifying the actions of the Joker in this movie. This is a villain he’s not supposed to be a hero, so of course when we’re following a villain story it's gonna be pretty dark and twisted and obviously this kind of violence is never justified I’m not saying I agree or you should be doing any of this stuff but this is following a villain story so if you’re following a villain story, of course, the actions and things he does is not going to be right but all in all I really enjoyed this movie I definitely have to see it again. It was one of the best comic book movies. I’ve seen in a very long time.

Joker is one of the best performances I’ve ever seen and another reason why I have to see it again is that this movie is just haunting like its an assault on your soul. There’s just so much to process in taking in it's crazy and obviously, I feel like I don’t have to say this but if you are a fan of batman or the Joker in any shape or form. You need to see this movie in the theater.

Well with all that said that’s just my two percent on the movie. So go and watch...