Its been almost a week Joe Biden was declared president-elect but President Donald Trump continues to refuse to acknowledge his loss or participate in a peaceful transfer of power. 

The former President of America is still refusing to acknowledge defeat in the presidential election 2020. Donald Trump tweeted that seeming to suggest Joe Biden had won but as he put it only because the election was rigged and I won.

45th President of America also wrote that I concede nothing. It was not clear whether the tweet represented a grudging or an accidental concession by Trump that he had lost the election, which he has repeatedly claimed to have won, even after every major news organization projected Biden as the victor.

There remains no evidence the election was rigged as the Biden team put it in frond of all Americans. It's clear now that Donald Trump's Twitter feed doesn’t make Joe Biden President or not president. The American people did that. 

Trump's hardcore supporters still marched on Washington themselves in turn supported by Trump himself But Biden’s team underlined most Americans see it differently and that the President’s intransigence comes with a price.

On files soon to confront Biden not least the pandemic Trump is also blocking Biden’s teams from a briefing with government officials. Joe Biden could become President of the United States amid an ongoing crisis that has to be a seamless transition. 

Today as well Trump remains focused on his unfounded allegations of voter fraud. Despite most courts and many people so far rejecting his legal challenges as Joe Biden tries to move forward the country itself.