The English language is used as an official language in many countries of the world. Society gives pretense to English speaker as compared to the speaker of other languages. As well as a society give the difference to that individual who is fluent in speaking English. As well as, English speakers have more opportunities for the best jobs in the private and government sectors in Pakistan.

Yesterday, A viral video of Islamabad's Cannoli by Cafe Soul owners has sparked a #BoyCottCannoli trend on social media websites including Twitter and Facebook. Reportedly, the video was posted on the restaurant's Instagram page but taken down within minutes. 

In the video, the owners can be seen making fun of a staff member for his English speaking skills. "So, this is our manager who has been with us for nine years. And this is the beautiful English he speaks. This is what we paid for... and a very good salary, mind you," the women can be heard saying. 

However, the English language surely can help you succeed in many fields but not in every field. There are so many examples. There are so many successful people who don't speak English but despite that they are successful. It is very commonly perceived by people (in Pakistan, to be precise) that in today’s world it’s mandatory for someone to be good in English, which apparently isn’t the case. Though English is important, not necessary, there’s a fine line between importance and necessity.

In the past few years, English has brought about a drastic change in Pakistan. Children can’t get admission to schools if they are not familiar with the language. The English medium students are given priority over other students. If we check the academic record’s of our country, the kids from rural areas are ahead in terms of knowledge, brain power and intelligence. But they fail to succeed because of lack of opportunities. But more importantly, a major drawback for them is that they are not well versed with English, leading to tumbling career.

Language is the only mode of learning, and English is just a medium. Learning can be done in any language. Every individual possesses some discrete qualities to achieve high, and it depends on him/her what he/she is learning not how he/she is doing it and the fact is that not all successful people are well versed in English. 

Since English has been established as a common language, not just here in Pakistan but anywhere else you go, it becomes very important, that you at least have the understanding capabilities of the language if not the speaking prowess but But English doesn't necessary for success.