When you overthink, your judgments get cloudy and your stress gets elevated. You spend too much time in the negative. It can become difficult to act.

When negative thoughts take over your mind, it's near impossible to think of anything else. That can really destroy your ability to be productive or present. Eliminate this problem with these incredible tips.

Increase your awareness of negative thoughts

Often when we get stuck in loop mode, it’s because negative thinking has become a habit. The subconscious loves to make you do the same thing over and over. Negativity is like a constant dripping. Only the droplets are worries, terrible memories, or imagined worst-case scenarios. Soon, that’s all you can think about, no matter how hard you try to stop. It might feel like they’ll never end, and they won’t stop unless you take control. So, you need to train yourself to be aware of when these thoughts arrive. Don’t just allow them to take over your mind.

What are these negative thoughts really trying to tell you?

Sometimes thoughts will arise because we need to take action. For example, if you keep thinking that you’re lonely, what can you do to resolve this problem? You could reach out to more people. Although, maybe you’re afraid of rejection. Ask yourself if it’s worth the pain, or is it better to be alone?. See if you can do something to disprove or eliminate these issues that keep coming to mind.

Be Your Own Best Friend

We are mean to ourselves. Nearly 90% of self-talk is negative. So, Release it. Let it out to help the process, not to dwell. Three minutes, then the pity party is over. Track it, Identify when you have negative thoughts. Awareness will enable reframing. Reframe it, Once you know why you are being mean, consider what your best friend would say to you. Then tell yourself what you need to hear.

Lessen the significance of the negative thought

The same situation can happen to two people. One will shrug it off and never think about it again. While the other person will ruminate about it for years. So, it’s all about how you perceive events in your life and what magnitude you place on them.

I know how it feels to have horrible thoughts take over; it seems like you can hardly survive another day. But, I’m telling you, no matter how bad it gets, life changes. Focus on the good things, and they’ll multiply. The same goes for bad things. Don’t get absorbed in the negativity. Take away its importance. You have the power to diminish the impact of these thoughts. Chances are that they don’t even relate to your current life anymore. 

Start every day off right

If you wake up every day and tell yourself you feel horrible, then that’s how you’ll feel. That will start the downward spiral of your perception. You’ll talk down to yourself about your looks, your clothes, where you live, and your car. Then you’ll worry about how terrible work is going to be today and so on. Guaranteed, you’ll have a miserable day! But what you think is within your control. You don’t have to be a slave to these random feelings.

What if, instead, you were thankful for everything you have in life? What if you woke up happy to have a nice warm bed and a place to live? Imagine if you didn’t have anywhere to sleep? Think about how it’d be if you didn’t have a job? If you can’t change your situation, it’s best to accept it and be thankful for what you have.

Do something that makes you feel happy

A fantastic way to escape a negative thought loop is to do something active and enjoyable. Doing something fun will distract you from dwelling on negativity.  The next time you catch yourself obsessing over a past painful event or future worries, say: "Stop!".

If you don’t want to freak out your co-workers or family members, you can just snap a rubber band on your wrist. Afterward, get up and do something else. The subconscious takes over when you’re sitting around and not being mentally stimulated.