Women’s Day is one of the most celebrated days of the year. On this day, women feel empowered, treated with respect and much more. But is one day really enough?
International Women’s Day on 8th March means different things for different people - while some believe it is futile to celebrate just one day and not care for their emotions for the rest of the year, others believe the celebrations are important to remind women of their power and importance. Mostly women believe that one day is not enough for women's equality.

Aurat March 2019 was held on Friday across the country to commemorate Women's Day.

“I feel it’s good that we have a day to celebrate women and womanhood, but having said that I also feel the world needs to celebrate that every single day,” said by a woman at the Aurat March.

“I don’t believe in this concept, as one day is not ‘just’ enough to recognize the contribution of women’s in shaping up our society. Women deserve more than just ‘International Women’s Day", stated a representative of working women.

Women are tough, ambitious and they know exactly what they want, no matter how much the society tries to tame them, they’re fierce enough to make their own choices, pave her own path.

From being a day that recognizes the need for equal rights for women everywhere, it has somehow become a day about capitalizing on an opportunity to sell women stuff in pink, food, clothes, and makeup. We have lost sight of why the day is even observed – and not celebrated. It is not celebrated because women around the world still do not have equal rights in every sphere – it is observed because it should act as a reminder of the fact.

I think that women's day is pointless, it's just a reminder that we're not equal yet. If you see, in some countries, there are women who have to live as their father or husband tells them to. We can't allow this and we should fight it, even if it happens out of borders. Henceforth one day is not enough, the fight has to be every day belongs to humanity, men and women. So if you want equality, which we need, we should discard women's day.