After banning the biscuit Ad now PEMRA has been banned the Pakistani web series "Churails".

Asim Abbasi’s web series Churails took off to a spectacular start when it first released on Zee5. Starring four fiercely strong and independent women in the lead, the series aimed to tackle the issue of patriarchy while also slamming gender-related stereotypes.

Netflix and Amazon are pumping millions of dollars into the Indian economy and we are banning fucking biscuit ads.

A couple of days ago a monologue form Churails went Viral in which Hina Khawaja Bayat is talking about her way to success which was really not a thing that anyone wants to hear on Television. She said: “I used to give a hand job twice a day to my boss who was 20 years older than me. After this, he gave me a job and after giving several more jobs, he gave me a promotion.”

The video has gone viral and Twitter is exploding with the demand for banning such vulgar content. People are demanding to ban vulgar content as they are the cause of ruining the mindset of the people.

 After numerous complaints to PEMRA and other authorities, Zee5 took down the web-series as confirmed by Asim Abbasi:

Pakistani filmmaker Asim Abbasi feels art does not divide people but politics does. The filmmaker hopes that art does not continue to get muffled because of Indo-Pak border issues, and says the ban culture does not serve anyone.

Several Twitter users celebrities expressed their outrage over the ban.

However, Churails changed the cinematic narrative in Pakistan with a spectacular start after it first released. People all over the country loved it for its raw and unfiltered storyline that many found themselves relating to.