Even though in this Covid-19 pandemic entrepreneurship has become trendy the past few years but it is a fact that the majority of the working people are in the category of the "salaried employee".

Salaried employees are plain and simple, this means that they are exchanging their time for money. They are working specific periods during the week for their employer, and as a reward, they receive a salary in recurring intervals (usually 2 weeks or 1 month). This behavior greatly resembles the behavior of people that are addicted to some kind of substance, and even if you find yourself in the position of having a high salary, you might need to reevaluate some of your preconceptions.

People in an experiment reported feeling stronger for up to 10 minutes after handling money. If you've ever thought of money as a drug, you may be more right than you know. New research shows that counting money just handling the bills can make things less painful. This is also true of getting paid. Science has proven that the same part of your brain, the reward center, is stimulated by money.

When you receive your salaries in a predictable, recurring way, and this is something that soothes you. You do not have to deal with the unpredictability of running a business for example. In case an addict loses access to his regular inflow of the drug, he gets into a state of limbo where he can barely function and might even hurt himself or those around him. Now, consider yourself that might have recently lost his job. A sense of helplessness and nervousness permeates him, and it takes some time until he stands on his feet again.

Getting paid monthly is basic and old. Big salary or small, the consensus seems to save a small percentage and then spend the rest as if spending were some gaseous and effervescent beast, expanding to fill whatever salary it is offered. The only noticeable difference is the size of the house or the brand of the car.

The problem with this approach is that you become reliant on your salary, right from the start and the end. Salary is like the addiction which you can’t imagine your life without his crack pipe, you become so addicted to the salary that you can’t envisage life without it.