It's no secret that entrepreneurs make lots of sacrifices for their businesses. They often de-prioritize personal relationships with friends and family members, forgo long-term goals, and skip both meals and sleep to build their businesses.

Because Just like with most things, the value of sleep is most appreciated when we miss it. Sadly, this happens way too often, with around 30 to 40% of people experiencing sleep problems and a whopping 70 million Americans and 45 million peoples suffering from chronic sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, though, sleep deprivation is rampant among entrepreneurs as a result and it's sabotaging their chances of becoming successful.

Although there are always unavoidable circumstances that reduce our sleep, the numbers show that we often misunderstand the potential benefits sleep has on our lives, including our careers. More worryingly, there appears to be a general lack of awareness around the negative impact sleep deficit has on our physical and mental health.

The fact that so many of us along with our peers, coworkers, and friends still take pride in losing sleep to do more work (as if it makes us superstar students or employees) is a clear example of this.

But when we choose work to oversleep, what we are really doing is choosing quantity over quality. If you want to be the best version of yourself at work, at school, and at home. it would be wise to take advantage of what a good night’s rest can offer: sharper focus, higher alertness, better endurance, and a more positive mood and mindset.

So instead of thinking that the startup lifestyle requires you to pull all-nighters, recognize instead there are only 24 hours in the day and you need to sleep for a good number of them to be most successful. Schedule sleep as you would any meeting or other significant business event. Also, take care of yourself, with a proper diet, exercise, limited caffeine, and limited digital interactions before bed.