Little kids of Los Angeles have set a record for being the youngest children to scale Mount Shasta in Northern California. They are expert hikers, record-setters in fact, and they are just 5 years old. 

Matthew and Arabella Adams have conquered the likes of Mount Whitney and Mount Shasta and many others in their five-plus years in this world. They known to their thousands of followers on social media as the “super hiking twins,“ spent 22 hours hiking the 14,180-foot mountain over two days in early September.

Matthew and Arabella Adams father said, "They’re definitely good. They’re almost better than mom and dad So, they’re definitely fast on the trails, so they’re pretty good out there.” 

Their parents, Shawn and Nancy Adams started hiking with the twins when they were just a month old. From there when they started to walk, things really took off for the twins. 

The super-hiking twins have their own Facebook and Instagram pages. They’re out and about just about every weekend.

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This is the 4th 14er that the kids have accomplished!! We got asked a lot on this trail about being the youngest... Yes they are the youngest to climb these 4 mountains. I think what makes it more unique is being the youngest boy / girl twin combo! ???? Mt Whitney (14,508') - 4 Years 5 months White Mtn (14,252') - 4 Years 6 months Mt Langley (14,032') - 5 Years 4 months Mt Shasta (14,180') - 5 Years 6 months Disclaimer: No, don't grab the kids and try to climb them. ???? 9-5-20: Day 1 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM- Trail head to camp at around 11,000 feet high. Quite windy, but nice since it provided for blue skies! 9-6-20: Day 2 5:30 AM - 8:30 PM - Camp to summit, then back down to car. Little breezy, but perfect day to summit! This definitely is a tough hike with the scree / talus / rock scrambling and steep inclines. They handled it like champs and who wouldn’t want to climb Mt Shasta since it’s the tallest volcano in California as well?? We are grateful that they enjoy the outdoors as much as we do..

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Mount Shasta was the fourth mountain more than 14,000 feet tall that the twins have summited in the last year. The last child reported to have climbed Mount Shasta was 7-year-old Mason Gurney in 2019, although there is no official record.

It sounds like the super hiking twins are only getting started. Last year, the twins became the youngest ever to climb Mount Whitney.