Some children are never too young to acquire a taste for luxury. Seeing how one percent of the world lives is pretty captivating. However, when the parents decide to spoil their children with their wealth.

Here are the top most spoiled kids on the planet today

Suri Cruise

Suri cruise daughter of a Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has everything a little girl could dream of and more she’s basically the poster child or spoiled celebrity children at this point little surrey recently received a life-size playhouse worth $24,000 complete with running water electricity and heat for Christmas from her parents the house stands eight feet tall and features an intercom system that connects to the main house the little tyke is known to have a very specific and detailed Christmas list every year and even ask for her own puppy with a sparkling pink collar and dog tag her mom Katie Holmes has said you cannot miss any item on that list because if you screw that up that’s years of hearing about it and then probably therapy. Surrey even has a team of seamstresses for sewing a line of custom dresses designed by Mommy Katie. Her wardrobe is known to be worth over three million dollars and includes brands like Dolce and Gabbana Cloe Gucci and juicy couture. She’s been several times in known to be one of the most expensive toy shops in the world. FAO Schwarz and recently had the privilege of staying in Cinderella's castle suite in Disney World which was originally built for Walt Disney’s family and is usually only reserved for special events apparently the cost of staying there is priceless but somehow mom(Katie Holmes) and dad(Tom Cruise) found a way what a lucky girl.

Prince George

Prince George is the crown jewel of the royal family with a cute little face like that’s its no wonder he’s no wonder he’s so spoiled the little prince even has his own trust fund called plank bridge which he’ll have access to when he gets older he’s received thousands of gifts over his lifetime and he hasn’t even reached five yet. Last year he received an iPad for Christmas and is asking for a space rocket as well as a model of a helicopter worth up to a hundred pounds he’s a huge fan of airplanes and helicopters for his second birthday. He received 706 gifts more than any member of the monarchy including a toy wombat an amphibious a possum skin cloak a personalized a bike and sheepskin boots on his third birthday. He has gifted a custom-made rocking horse from the Obamas and a playhouse valued at 18,000 pounds one company made a nail clipper set for him made of 18 karat gold encrusted with 350 diamonds the set is valued at 1 million pounds now that’s what I call a birthday.

Petra and Tamara Ecclestone

Petra and Tamara Ecclestone dollars of formula one racing honcho Bernie Ecclestone are known for their lavish over the top lifestyle you can see on reality TV show billion dollar girl giving frequent messages weekly manicures expensive hair appointments luxury spa days for her dogs 25,000 pounds tables at Cannes which roughly translates to 33,000 US dollars and a widely expensive collection of Birkin bags some of which are valued 20,000 pounds each she opts removal as opposed to going to the gym out of laziness and bones the fact people judge her.

Chase McKenna

Taking a kid to the store can be an exercise in frustration. They just don’t realize that every shiny thing on the shelf costs money, which is in short supply. Unfortunately, British tween Chase McKenna may never have to learn that lesson. The shopaholic daughter of Kelly and Alan has her parents under her thumb, convincing them to live far outside their means so she can have a pony, a quad bike and a closet full of beauty pageant outfits. Meanwhile, the parents can’t pay their bills or keep food in the fridge. The tale of the McKenna is a great example of parents sacrificing everything for their children and making them into spoiled, irredeemable brats along the way.

Josephine Lau

Being the daughter of a Japanese billionaire tycoon has its perks. In 2015, Joseph Lau dropped 77 million dollars on a pair of rare diamonds for his 7-year-old daughter Josephine. The first diamond was a whopping 12.03 carats and was named “The blue moon of Josephine” by the adoring father. The second diamond was a vivid pink color and an even bigger 16.08 carats.

Maya Henry

MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” was a perfect vehicle for meeting spoiled teenagers. When a girl becomes a woman (well, not legally, but you know), parents tend to shell out way too much cash. Texan Maya Henry, though, took things past the limits of good taste with her $6 million quinceañera. Her father is a personal injury lawyer who obviously isn’t hurting, so he shelled out for performances by Pitbull and Nick Jonas, makeup from the Kardashian’s face artist, a flotilla of Rolls-Royces accompanied by a police escort, and a 55,000-square-foot building constructed just for the event.