Have you ever seen a haunted painting no I don’t mean on the internet or on TV have you ever seen one in real life.

I haven’t Euler that I know of anyway but I do know a guy who did it just see lots of faith I already drew with his money created it nothing you see his name was Billy and at birth, he was given away for adoption. He was Born in Boston in 1947, William Bill Stoneham never knew who his biological parents were. When he was nine months old, he was adopted from an orphanage. His new family took him to Chicago and later settled in California, where the artist switched jobs, being an independent painter to even working in the film industry. His artistic talent eventually led him into a career as a painter and in the early 70s, he drew a painting that he felt could represent the intertwining line between the world of the imagination and the world of reality.

His first wife Rhoann had penned a poem in 1971, based on Bill’s sad experience of never having seen or met his biological family. The line from the poem – ‘The hands – resist him…’ caught Bill’s attention and he decided to name one of his creations after his wife’s emphatic lines. With a family to feed and a looming deadline, Bill decided to go for a self-portrait. He picked out an old photograph from a family album, in which he was five years of age, and painted it with a few modifications to hand it over to the gallery.

The painting is about a young boy standing there with cold dark eyes beside him was a little girl who didn’t look quite right if you look closely you see that the person beside the boy isn’t a little girl it isn’t human. It’s a life-sized doll and behind the pair is a glass door separating the world of a boy and something else left behind the door you see various hands behind the glass grasping at the door.

“The Hands Resist Him”, also known as the “eBay Haunted Painting” is one of the most haunted paintings in the world. In February 2000 this painting appeared in an auction on eBay. The painting, titled 'The Hands Resist Him', quickly earned a reputation as tens of thousands of people viewed the item and more than a few made bids. The reason for the attention was that the seller made the claim that the painting was haunted. The family added their story, starting from their discovery of the painting, abandoned at an old brewery, to the events and the investigation they carried out in order to try to prove their claims.

Stoneham displayed the piece at an art show he put on in Los Angeles in the early '70s. The painting eventually sold to actor John Marley, who played Jack Woltz in 'the Godfather' (the character who awakens to find the severed head of his prized horse in bed with him.)Before the painting was sold, it was reviewed by an art critic who died within the year, as did the owner of the art gallery. No doubt a coincidence, but Stoneham does speculate this may be the beginning of some sort of curse. John Marley died in 1984 after open heart surgery. He was interred at Cedar Park Cemetery in Emerson, New Jersey, and no doubt the painting went into someone else's possession. From that point on, the journey of the painting was a mystery, until it turned up when a family found it, abandoned, behind an old brewery. Without thinking twice, the family took the painting home, but soon wished they had not.

Haunting stories about painting 

After the painting was listed on eBay with the admonition, curious buyers and some non-believers, who wanted to have a brush with the supernatural, tested it for themselves. One buyer said that he fainted at the sight of the painting. Another buyer said she felt like her throat was being tightened by an external grip. One potential buyer saw the listing on his computer and said that the moment he saw the painting on the monitor, it turned white and a blast of heat began to emit out of it. He even began crying for no reason. A lot of people admitted to having difficulty breathing when they first saw the painting, while many others said that their children became uncontrollable and began to scream when they saw ‘The Hands Resist Him’ on the computer screen.