There’s nothing more essential to life on Earth than water. It’s simply terrifying that Cape Town(South Africa) is about to run out of water not in 2100, not in 2050, Its in April of this year means this month. Globally, 844 million people lack access to clean water. Without clean, easily accessible water. 

A massive water crisis awaits Pakistan and the country is said to run dry by 2025. Pakistan is the world's fifth most populous country, hasn't constructed a new dam since the 1960s. After nearly 71 years of independence, Pakistan still doesn’t have an effective water policy in place to tackle the looming water crisis. The country doesn’t have a mechanism for water use. They could bring a proper water policy with an effective mechanism where clean water is utilized for cooking and drinking, while slightly less clean water could be used for household needs. The first person who took action on the water crisis was former chief justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar he started the campaign to raise funds for the construction of Dams. He was the first donor of the Fund who donated Rs1000000 at the time of the creation of this Fund and now Imran Khan's government continues the campaign. To be noted, long term dams will take a minimum of nine years to complete.

In Pakistan water availability per person annually is just 1,017 cubic meters, dangerously close to 1,000 cubic meters, crossing which would mean the country is water scarce. International Monetary Fund (IMF) ranked Pakistan third among countries facing severe water shortages. As we all know that nowadays our country is facing a severe shortage of water and the main reason for water shortage is due to the gross negligence in the development and mismanagement of water resources. Pakistan has the world's fourth-highest rate of water use. The climate change is causing a water shortage in the country and the worst hit in Karachi and due to shortages of water, farmers use sewage water for cultivation of vegetables which is causing a number of diseases and deaths.

Shortage of water issue has raised serious concerns for the common man. However, if there’s the benefit for any party in this situation, it's the water tanker mafia. There are two types of tanker mafia one is by the government and one is private while The private water tanker proprietors charging Rs 5,000 per 1,000 gallon water, Rs 7,000 per 2,000 gallons despite the water rates fixed by the KW&SB as per the government’s official rates of Rs1,000 per 1,000 gallons, Rs 1,400 for 2,000 gallons and Rs 1,800 for 3,000 gallons for residential consumers.which is slightly brackish. Well to do people are able to purchase this water, while poor are unable to buy it due to low income. This is because the day-to-day injustice from inadequate water supply hits people with precarious livelihoods the most. In fact, for several years now, the chaotic picture of the future is already a reality in scores of informal settlements in the port city of Karachi.

Water mafias dig tunnels to tap into the mains supply, stealing millions of gallons a day. But the authorities like Cantonment Boards and Water and Sanitation Authority (WASA) have failed to meet the water needs of the residents which have allowed tanker mafias to take control of the situation. Our government should take action to improve the situation of water.