Being part of the British royal family isn’t all tiaras and travel. There are some pretty stringent and strange etiquette guidelines and traditions that the Windsors adhere to.

The Royal family has strict rules in place to ensure the firm functions smoothly from Formal dinner parties to descending a set of stairs. The Royal family stretch into every service of their professional lives

Fans might have noticed that royals never sign an autograph and it’s perhaps one of the most important commands of the family has ever put in place.

The Royal family has a thick rule book when someone is born into the royal family. They’re taught certain etiquette rules from a young age however marrying into the family is different. It’s not easy to adapt to so many changes this was reportedly the case for Meghan Markle.

Who had a lot to learn upon marrying Prince Harry in 2018 and also Kate Middelton dealt with the same which is allegedly why Prince William waited so long before proposing because He wanted to make sure she was equipped to be the future queen.