In Pakistan,  Government officials reported a 25% increase in rape cases incidents during the lockdown. Not just with women, Children are to facing sexual assault. According to research, there is a rape once every two hours, a gang rape every hour, and 70-90 percent of women are suffering from some kind of domestic violence.

Sexual assault is a pressing and prevalent concern in our society with estimates that nearly 1 in 5 women in the United States will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. Of those women who have been sexually assaulted, 41% have been assaulted by family or friend member.

Unlike many other interpersonal crimes such as robberies or muggings, victims of sexual assault are particularly vulnerable to being blamed for their attack. We typically find Victim blaming is often found in sex crimes, but also be seen in other crimes. Although harmful behavior there are psychological explanations to victim-blaming. Most people have this misconception that good things happen to good people. This can lead us to feel vulnerable and at risk.

Victim blaming can manifest itself in many ways from thoughtless comments by friends and family. The consequences are the adverse effects of crime are usually much more severe than the victim would have anticipated. 

The victim therefore would expect some sympathy and some empathy by the bystanders and family and by officials running the criminal justice systems but criminal justice system but the opposite is quite often the case and in actual reality, many victims are faced with a lot of questions by the authorities and these questions are perceived to be quite hostile by the victim because the nature of the question is to allocate blame for victimization on the part of the victim.

Victims faced To prejudiced attitudes within the legal system. why are you street late that night or why were you dressed so scarcely and now that’s an obsolete example but the same thing happens in all kinds of crime where the officials actually seek factors which put the blame for the victimization on the victim and why is that we’ve tried to understand that it is because all of us including criminal justice officials try to believe in a just world and in a just world people who behave in a normal way will not be subject to crimes so if someone is victimized there must be and someone is victimized there must be and they are trying to look for some way of attributing the crime to the victim.

Somewhere we restore our belief in the world as just we try to convince ourselves that the victim deserved it. So if you find yourself to questioning a victim’s behavior. Remember the preconception that might be affecting your judgments. Show much more understanding and much more empathy for the victims who deserve our sympathy who deserve respect.