Queen Elizabeth II is well-known for being able to maintain her composure in the direst of situations but at Prince Charles or Diana's wedding, Queen was caught giggling.

In July 1981 hosted the fairy tale wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in what would be "dubbed" as the wedding of the century. Everything was planned to the second leaving very little room for any error but as life goes little things sometimes happen to catch people off guard.

This is exactly what happened to Prince Charles's mom the beloved Queen Elizabeth II and she ended up giggling and was unable to control her laughter during the wedding ceremony. This is so out of character for the monarch who usually has a somber and stern persona during public appearances.

During the ceremony, the monarch happened to notice what most others didn’t and it put her in hysterics. The exuberant choirmaster got quite carried away and accidentally knocked over one of the lamp shades. The Queen spotted the lampshade as it lay on the floor in front of her. She tried to fight back the smile but ended up giggling.