Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat’s Gala biscuit ad has banned by PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority). But why it got banned. Here is the reason.

PEMRA has considered the Gala Biscuit ad to contain indecent content. Because they couldn’t consider Mehwish Hayat’s dance moves a familiar cultural depiction of Pakistan and banned the Gala Biscuit ad.

Senior journalist Ansar Abbasi brought the matter under the fire of criticism.and called Mehwish Hayat’s performance ‘mujra’ and asked for Pakistan Electronic Media (PEMRA) to act against it. He also tagged Prime Minister Imran Khan in his tweet.

He posted about the ad on Twitter as:

After his tweet an official notification in this regard has been issued by PEMRA, directing all channels to get the visuals of the advertisements approved by the monitoring committee prior to their telecast.

In the statement, they also added, “Therefore, all…are advised to sensitize their members to give consideration to the public concerns on the themes of the advertisement and specifically review the content of the advertisement of ‘Gala Biscuit’ by giving due credence to the apprehension of the views”,