Before the American presidential election, 2020 Bookies started taking bets on President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump that Will Melania Trump dumps her husband when he is no longer president?

On several occasions over the years, Melania's displeasure with her husband via body language was quite evident, making it pretty clear that the couple has a troubled relationship but now the former First Lady of the United States, is ‘counting the minutes’ to divorce her husband Donald Trump.

A Washington Post reporter, Mary Jordan wrote a biography about the First Lady. In "The art of her deal. The untold story of Melania Trump". Mary stated, "No, Melania Trump is not in a golden cage. She does exactly what she wants".

Mary Jordan paints a picture of a glamorous woman who thinks and acts strategically, comes across as mysterious, and wants to keep it mysterious.

"Winner of the Pulitzer Prize," reads the cover of Melania Trump's new biography. The author is a journalist who does political reporting for the Washington Post. She plowed through 122 interviews, which Melania conducted in five different countries.

In a 1999 interview, Melania recorded how she would behave should she ever become First Lady. Donald Trump had said he was considering running for president someday. He had just divorced his second wife and Melania was his new girlfriend. She would not become his third wife five years later.

Based on anecdotes like this, Jordan paints a picture of a woman who knows very well what she wants and is working hard.

According to this book", says American expert Twan Huys in "New facts" on Radio 1 said that "She stands with her husband and would even have encouraged him to run for president."

In every country's politics, First Lady's thought is important. Melania has set up a campaign for children who are bullied. Other than that, we only know that she is incredibly interested in the latest fashion, shoes, and bags.