The wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer took place on 29 July 1981. Their marriage was widely billed as a "fairytale wedding." People thought Prince Charles and Lady Diana were a match made in heaven. but Prince Charles told friends Prince Philip pressured him into marrying Princess Diana.

Charles had his reasons for not marrying Camilla in the first place, but the question remains: Why did Charles choose to marry Diana?

Diana was of royal descent on her father’s side, she was young, beautiful and a virgin, which at the time was required for a royal bride. Charles however was having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, who was 18 months older than him, married and divorced and had a daughter.

Charles and Camilla were seeing each other since the early 70’s. They broke up when Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles, who cheated on her however, thus she and Charles rekindled their relationship.

Charles was kind to Camilla, unlike Diana, whom he completely ignored and cheated on her since the beginning of their marriage. Had he had his way, Charles would have married Camilla, instead of Diana. He only married Diana because she was suitable for her role as a Princess and a future Queen.

Prince Charles, in 1981, could not marry a divorcee unlike Prince Harry, who recently married 2 year older than him, divorced, biracial and non British Meghan Markle. It was Diana’s sister he was supposed to marry at first but instead he married Diana, who, unlike her sister, was sexually inexperienced.

When asked publicly whether Charles was in love with Diana he answered ‘’ yes, whatever love is.” Diana got the picture and wanted to break off the engagement but she was told it was too late then. Charles had Camilla’s pictures in his diary while he and Diana were on their honeymoon. He also gave a bracelet to Camilla before his marriage to Diana, which Diana knew. Essentially, Charles married Diana for an heir and a spare and as soon as he got what he wanted he ignored her. 

Charles very publicly blamed his parents for his decision, but of course it was his and his alone. And the rest, as they say, is history and rather sad.