Most parents would say it’s impossible to pick a favorite child but Rumour has always had it that Prince Andrew is Her Majesty’s favorite. While many might automatically assume the heir apparent, Charles, is her favorite.

In season 4 of the Netflix show, The Crown reveals that the Queen’s favorite child is her controversial son, Prince Andrew. But how did the Queen and Andrew become so close?

Queen's first two children were born whilst she was in the throes of becoming Queen, so she had much less time to spend with them. Andrew and Edward were born later, when she had more time to give them and it is said she enjoyed her "2nd family", purely because she was in the position to relax that bit more.

Prince Andrew has always been the Queen’s "favorite" child, and Lord knows she certainly spoiled him! That is so easy for a mother to do! However, usually, the result is the favored child exhibits behavioral problems from being overindulged. In the long run, it’s a disservice to the child to spoil him, even though it may seem like the right thing at the time.

Like many spoiled sons, Andrew often comes across as arrogant, self-indulgent, and thoughtless of other people’s feelings. He’s fascinated by money and his behavior toward women varies from vulgar to lame-brained.

Surely, the prince’s debased lifestyle, devious friends, and links to unsavory foreign leaders have created many a headache for Her Majesty, but for the most part, she has turned a blind eye to his misbehavior. However, the sordid friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, an American registered sex offender, has inflicted by far the greatest damage on the prince’s reputation.

As Queen Elizabeth’s power wanes and Charles’s power grows, Andrew has found himself out of a job. I think it is because he never learned proper behavior as a child, due to being a spoiled, "favorite" child.

However, Queen is very close to her daughter Anne, who is known to be a huge support to her when her other children cause her problems. Princess Anne, by the way, is very close to her father Prince Philip and is reputed to be his favorite child.