Some People think Prince Charles has been underrated because he has been a prince for so long, without becoming the King, which was/is his destiny.

We are not saying Queen Elizabeth should die. We are saying Charles hasn’t been the King, so he is impotent to a certain degree, since Charles is outranked by his mother. That said, Prince Charles has been considered a risk to the Monarchy for a long while, due to his political beliefs and the way he expresses them. The fear is that, as King, Charles cannot engage in that behavior. He can’t make mopey faces when things aren’t going the way he wishes. He cannot wear his heart on his sleeve. And he used to do that.

He has mellowed since his days with Diana, but the two standing together made no effort to look happy, even though Charles was getting the attention. He wanted from Camilla, and even though Diana was the wronged party. He looked sad. It showed. As to his policies and wanting to air his opinion so freely, the man needs to keep a lid on it. I do think he’s getting much better about remaining quiet on issues that matter to him and not to others. Camilla has been a source of strength and direction for the lovelorn prince.

Mostly the prince has been underrated. He hasn’t come into his own, yet. Prince Charles works hard and at 70, is slowing down just a smidge. Prince Charles dated many women. He was destined to be the King of the U.K. and the Commonwealth. And soon, most likely, the papers freely wrote, so he had to settle down and Mary and produce offspring! It was his duty, after all!! That was in 1980. Charles felt on top of the world.

Then he picked Diana. As a suitable wife. And she would have been, but not for him. Alas, we know the sad tale too well. But once the sordid details of Charles and Camilla’s romps were made public, Charles dropped from being overrated.


Today, the skies are sunny for Prince Charles. He still is known to air his opinions from time to time. He has his pet projects. But he has the love of his wife(Camilla) and children(Prince William and Prince Harry). The public seems to have embraced him, and we all know he will not have a reign as long as his mother’s. The long underrated prince will make a fine king.