Did the coronavirus crisis force you to stay home?

I know you would just like to go out, explore the world, travel, and be free. But, Don’t worry

There will be time for that when all this is over. Insha Allah( if Allah wills it). Until then, well, we just have to stick together and make our lives a little more meaningful. The good news is, at least, with the internet, there are great online tools that can help us achieve that. Think about it, if this COVID-19 crisis had happened 10 or 15 years ago. When people didn’t have all the fantastic and mostly free or at least very affordable tools. The situation would be much different.

Anyway, here are some tips or ideas.

Make something to eat

Learn how to cook and bake or improve your cooking skills. Just use Youtube, it's free. I don't know if I believe that the simple comforts of cooking will indelibly cure the ailments of today and tomorrow, but I do know that walking into the kitchen to make yourself something to eat—no matter your situation and how you feel about it—is always a good thing, a nourishing act.

Learn new things

Channel your feelings by doing something creative. Painting is a great way to express yourself, learn a new skill, and help you see ordinary things (like everything in your house you’ve been staring at for weeks) in a whole new way.

Make, create or organize your photo memories

Finding an old photo that triggers a memory instantly brightens the face of parents and grandparents, so imagine being surrounded by hundreds of them. Gather all those photo albums and look through them together. Each picture comes with a story, pick a few favorites, and hang them on the wall. And parents, just make sure your report cards don’t sneak out together.

Binge-watch Tv and movies

It is a bad time. It is a time of isolation and self-quarantine. You’re staying home and you need a distraction. So what to do while spending all that time at home while in isolation/quarantine? So watch old tv shows or Netflix etc. Maybe it's time to get to that list of things you want/need to binge. The best things to watch on Netflix this month include everything from a new action movie starring one of the Chrises, a teen dramedy about an Indian-American girl from the Valley, and three new comedy specials from Middleditch & Schwartz that might make you laugh so hard you fall off the couch.

Reconnect with family

Wherever you travel in the world, the importance of family bonds is obvious. For those used to living away from home for work, travel, or study, the experience of self-isolation creates an opportunity to reconnect with distant family members and strengthen family ties. A family is important because of our mental growth, well-being, and stability all depend on them. Strong relationships teach us how to build trust in others as family members share both good and bad times together. 

Play Games

Keep your mind active and agile can be a challenge when you’re stuck in quarantine. There is plenty of fun and educational brain games to help you stay sharp. These brain games will help you get smarter during the quarantine.

Exercise or practice mental strength

With work, meetings, and social commitments all bidding for our time, workouts have always slipped to the bottom of our to-do list. Not this time though. Check out YouTube for family exercise videos, or play soul-soothing music to synch into a yoga session. Laugh the day away with those missed moves and poses. Eat healthily, get plenty of sleep, and exercise daily. you can always turn to meditation to reduce your blood pressure.

Clean your house or room

Quarantine serves as a grand opportunity to ensure your living space is spick and span. Because you’re constantly looking through them, not at them, you never realize how dirty your windows really are until you clean them. The world will suddenly start to look a lot less dreary and more hopeful if you scrub the dirt and grime off your glass. Don’t miss to get some cleaning tips from your mom that actually work.

Read and Write Something

Since you now actually have time to finally read the book you’ve been postponing since last summer. If you don’t have a book at home then you can also read an online article. Or maybe write a short story, an article, a novel, or anything.

Just get Creative

Start your own youtube channel, blog, Tik Tok, etc. if you always wondered what it's like to be YouTuber, now it’s a great time to start your own youtube channel.
You can film your daily routine to get familiar with a camera, start a youtube cooking channel, about a hobby you are passionate about, for instance, video games, makeup, instruments, you can even make a short film and no you don’t need a professional camera to get you started. Your phone can be your best buddy here. Or you can just start getting creative on something like TikTok.

Plan your day

Take time before you start with any of the activities and arrange your days so that each day includes a combination of exercise, fun, creativity, and other activities. Set weekly and monthly goals for your activities so you can keep track of your progress. People feel a sense of purpose when we set goals and work towards achieving them. It's as simple as that. It can be something easy like a 30-day yoga challenge, a plan to learn a new language in a month or anything you like. When you’re done with the activity, just mark it complete. This way, you also have a list of all the tasks you’ve accomplished, and everything is neatly organized.

I know this time is stressful for everyone but its important that you stay healthy, you keep yourself entertained, stay fit, and all that fun stuff.