Oxygen may not the most abundant gas in our atmosphere, but it is certainly the most important one without oxygen, plants, animals, water and us (human). 

Imagine if all the earth’s oxygen disappeared not forever, just for 5 seconds? Take a nice deep breath. feel how satisfying that is? Here’s what would happen if the world lost oxygen for just 5 seconds.

Everyone at the beach would get sunburns

Ozone is nothing but molecular oxygen which traps all the harmful rays of the Sun and protects us from them. Without it, everyone at the beach would get sunburns.

Every internal combustion engines would stop working

The most obvious thing would be that all the fires will go out, which includes the combustion engines in planes and vehicles causing halts for 5 seconds. The near take-off planes will be more damaged and they would crash to the ground due to lack of altitude.

The sky during the day would get dark

Light from the Sun reaches the Earth’s surface as a result of multiple reflections that occur when light particles bounce off the particles in the air (dust, oxygen molecules, other impurities in the air). The absence of oxygen means fewer particles for the light to bounce on, so the sky would appear dark, almost black, actually. Essentially, the light would reach the Earth, but it would seem as if though it were being emitted from a point source, as opposed to what we normally see (the rays of the Sun spread in every direction).

Inner ear would explode

Due to the absence of oxygen, there would be up to 21% loss of air pressure. Now to maintain the same air pressure on both the sides the inside earlobe would allow some of the air to escape. However, due to this sudden drop, the eardrum expands outwards leading to its burst which also causes some serious hearing loss.

Oceans would evaporate 

If oxygen is taken out of the water then hydrogen becomes a free gas. It is the lightest gas will rise to the upper troposphere. 

Buildings would demolish

Oxygen is a part of Carbon Dioxide which is an essential binder in concrete structures. Without Carbon Dioxide, the structures will not be able to stay firm and collapse eventually.

Earth’s crust would crumble

Oxygen constitutes 45% of the earth’s crust and if all of it disappears then it would lead to the crumbling of the earth’s crust.