How bad do you want success? How badly do you want to accomplish your goals? What are you willing to sacrifice to accomplish those goals? How far are you willing to go? These are questions we should all ask when going after a goal.

A dream or goal should be a burning desire, it should be included in the "NEEDS" section. This is what fuels your success. If you go into something only thinking about the money then you will be clouded by the money.

Focus on what you love doing, what your passionate about, and the money will come. Focus on being the absolute best in that category. No matter what it is, find your passion for it, and go after it with absolute ferocity. Make the necessary sacrifices needed to accomplish the goal, picture it like fitness.

You have to be willing to get your hands dirty and rough, you have to be willing to lift the heavyweights and run past your limits, you have to be willing to cut the bad foods and get your diet intact. In the end, you have an amazing body, amazing health, and possibly a passion for it, companies can reach out to you for sponsoring, you may even find a sport you want to play, but it takes hard work, time, patience, sacrifice, and belief in yourself.