We all secretly want to read other people's mind. Reading people however isn't easy. But it's a fantastic skill to have. Although everyone is different, and their words and actions may or may not always accurate, you don't necessarily have to be expert in psychology to understand what's going on in their head.

There are some hints that may help you pick up their true intention and personality. In fact, there's always some logic behind our every weird action. Nevertheless don't use it to your advantage. Here we are small things that can tell you a lot about a person:

How you keep time

When you’re consistently late for meetings, it shows you don’t respect other people. It can strain your relationships because they can’t depend on you to keep your word.

How you engage in a conversation

When you talk to someone, they pick up on your tone of voice and the contents of the conversation and whatever they pickup on makes them know who you really are. You should ask more questions. Often you think you’ll come across as being offensive but in fact, if you want the other person to be relaxed and to open up more, ask more questions.

How you dress

This is clearly evidenced by a study conducted by a team in the UK and Turkey. Upon completion, two things became apparent: Your clothes create your impressions, Your clothes can make a massive difference to what people think about you- even without knowing you.

How you improve yourself

Reading is only one tiny silver of self-improvement. There’s so much that goes into it, like working towards a healthy body, changing jobs, creating a new hobby or learning a new skill. If you’re young, this means you’re creating a future that you’ll be proud of in the coming decades.