The Friends cast famously raised the bar for salary appraisals over the course of the noughties sitcom, as the six stars negotiated together to eventually score a payday of $1 million per episode each. However, Friends cast pay packets weren’t always equal. 

Jennifer Aniston arguably went on to become the most famous member of the Friends troupe. Her role as Rachel Green kicked off her acting career. She was on the cover of almost every fashion magazine and gossip site during the 90s/2000s.

That time every newspaper at least had one story that contain Aniston’s name in it. Whether it was her hair, her diet, her fashion, her dating life, whatever, Hollywood had an eye on her 24/7. She is a good actress. Plain and simple, some of her best acting was in Friends, and that translated to other ventures.

Combine those three above, you got a hot actress on your hands. Since she was the titular character of Friends, combined with her trend-setting looks, her very hot dating profile, and was a great actress, it was only a matter of time that she would break out, and she did with Bruce Almighty.

The core thing that separated her from the rest of the cast was that her fame was so high, she transcended her role as Rachel on Friends. That is not saying that Rachel isn’t her most legendary role, but people loved Jennifer, so much so that she could distance herself from that character and do other things.

That isn’t the same with the rest of the cast. Especially David, who somewhat regretted his role as Ross because that was all people knew him for. With Courtney or Matthew(s) or Lisa, they have the slight unfortunate downside of only being remembered as their roles in Friends (for the most part). Meanwhile Jennifer is known for being Jennifer.