Prince Harry has royal blood and British roots and he has red hair, which is considered a strong gene. But it’s still a big mystery as to which roots are going to win and Meghan’s heritage is 1/4 African and the dark skin gene dominates over the white skin gene. But, at the same time, Prince Harry has fiery red hair. This gene is also rare and powerful.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle son Archie has inherited brown eyes from his mother. Brown eyes are dominant over green and blue. However, his red hair means someone on Meghan’s side of the family must have had red hair, too, because red hair is recessive and requires two red hair genes.

Archie must have gotten red hair genes from both parents. And his skin colour is certainly very white. He very much resembles his father, but not so much his mother. Some believe that Baby Sussex will look more like Meghan because her genes are stronger. Dark hair generally tends to dominate. And the same goes for eye color. So, there’s a good chance that the baby might have the same features as Meghan and that the baby’s skin tone will probably be darker than Harry’s.