Between coronavirus spreading like wildfire, jobs being lost left and right, and the usual stresses of daily life, it's no surprise you may be feeling overwhelmed right about now. And while some of those problems may require a longer-term strategy to fix, there are numerous mental health mistakes you're making on a daily basis that you can remedy in no time.

When it comes to battling mental health conditions, a lot of people try to put up a facade for as long as they can take it. While it is a personal choice to put on a brave face when your mental health is in shambles, there are certain, subtle signs that can actually tell the truth.


Not doing what you promised yourself to do, leads to guilt, low confidence and feeling, as though your life is out of your control. This is a recipe for bad mental health. Always, always keep the promises you made to yourself. A sense of control, is the cornerstone of mental health.

Over-Identification with the Ego

Emotions such as sadness, shame, guilt, anger but also excessive pride, greed, lust and envy can have an iron grip on us. But only if we choose to identify with our emotions! You’re NOT your emotions. You’re NOT your thoughts. STOP saying: "I’m angry!", or "I’m depressed!". Instead, say: "I feel anger", "I feel a sense of sadness." This keeps you in control.

Lack of Compassion

The way you treat others, the way you place judgement on others, is the way you treat and judge yourself. Most people are far too harsh in their judgement. Especially ambitious people like you, who’s reading this. How do I know, that you’re ambitious? Well, would you read this if you weren’t?

Too much Thinking Instead of Doing

You can’t change the way you act and feel, by thinking about it. But you can always change the way you feel and think by taking ACTION.

Excessive Drinking & Drugs

Look, I’m not here to play moral police. But at what point is your consumption of alcohol and drugs problematic? If there’s any kind of regularity to your consumption, you’ve probably developed a habit and need to be on the high-alert. If your significant other, or close friends have tried to talk to you about it and you got all defensive (remember the ego?), then that’s a sign that you’re…

Not Being Honest

In a world where everybody pretends to be rich, ripped, happy and successful (check out Insta!), it can be hard to acknowledge to yourself, that you have problems and challenges in life. You know what? To live means to have challenges! Facing them and being honest about them is the first step to successful change. Embrace your challenges.

No Authenticity

Want to know the fastest way to make people dislike you? No, it’s not farting in their face (although that’s a runner up!). It’s trying to make them like you. Trying to fit in. Always remember: You’re good the way you are and there’s always room for improvement. Today someone, somewhere woke up and is waiting to be offended. Don’t dissappoint them.

Staying Too Comfortable

All the dreams and aspirations that you currently have, are on the other side of fear and laziness. If you never face your fears, you’ll always be controlled by them. If you never manage your laziness, you’ll never feel truly content and fulfilled. Can you spell depression?

Staying Out of Shape

As within, so without. As without, so within. What sounds like a stupid saying on a fortune cookie, is a scientifically researched fact. The fastest way to improve your mental health, is to get into top-notch physical shape. Why? By getting in shape, you feel a sense of control, that extends in all areas of your life. You feel better, which makes you ACT better.

Eating a Poor Diet

Again, it is a heavily researched and scientifically proven fact, that what you eat, has a diret effect on how you feel. Whenever I eat too much sugar and junk, I begin to feel overwhelmed and anxious. I procrastinate more. My mood is shitty. I treat others badly. I treat myself badly. If I switch to a more natural, wholesome diet, my mental health makes a u-turn. I feel 100% better and thus, act better.

"Special Snowflake" - Syndrome

Although we’re all different, although we all come from vastly different backgrounds, none of our problems or challenges is that special in the grand scheme of things. Constantly thinking about YOUR problem, about how hard your life is, how your problems are special, is a very insidious form of narcissism. You’re so caught up in yourself, that you don’t see the hands that are trying to help you up.


Obviously, there’s more that can deterioriate your mental health, but these are the big hitters, that destroy many people’s lives very subtly. Don’t become one of the victims of our own mind.