I told all my friends that he was the one and then he cheated on me.

Being cheated is an awful feeling no matter which way you slice it. what happens after someone cheats might not be as predetermined as it may feel in the moment. It has lasting effects on your confidence and psyche.

You find excuses to bail on relationships before you officially enter them. When you see a red flag, you take that as a sign to run the other way and you started felt so useless and so invaluable. Anyone who has been betrayed by the person they loved knows that the pain is so real, especially when you first find out about what happened. 

When you have been cheated on before, you develop unfair doubts about yourself. Maybe the girls he was with were cuter than me? Maybe they were smarter? Maybe they were better? Maybe I’m not smart, maybe I’m not attractive. Maybe I’m not cute. I felt like he didn’t value me at all. It's like every time I think I’m moving on from it. 

Being cheated on had gone through a real rollercoaster of emotions and when you ready to go out and meet new people you can't stop thinking about what that person did to you. You can't stop thinking about your looks, your body, your brain and felt so judged.

When you cheat on someone. you don’t make them doubt you. You make them doubt love and you make them doubt themselves. No that's not good.

You infidelity can spark so much insecurity in someone that they start to question their whole personality. The person will most likely think it’s their own fault. even if they had nothing to do with it and if you’ve ever been cheated on or recognize that someone cheating on you is more a reflection on them .than it is on you.

It’s crazy that someone has all these flaws and makes all these mistakes but we end up taking all the blame ourselves. If someone chose to break your trust that’s not your fault. So Don’t blame yourself for someone else mistake.

When you have been cheated on before, you might want to swear off of relationship forever, but you can love again. You can trust again. You can end up in a committed relationship where you fully believe the other person would never do a thing to hurt you.

You're the perfect one. No one else can change your mind through their actions alone, though. Only you can do that. Try to think back to the relationships you’ve had before, or those of your friends and family. Nobody’s perfect, so that’s not to say you need to be putting other couples on a pedestal. However, letting yourself see that infidelity isn’t the norm will definitely help you get out of that negative thought cycle.