Queen Elizabeth wanted the sensitive Prince Charles to attend Eton, but Prince Phillip had attended the rough and tough Gordonstoun in Scotland next to the North Sea, and the Prince really thought it would toughen up his eldest son Charles.

We know now of the bullying the future king faced, and all that physical punishment that was meant to solidify a toughness in character didn’t work for Charles. The shy prince would have flourished at a school closer to home. But he put up with Gordonstoun and got through it. Prince Charles did "tough" it out.

When it came time for Prince William and Prince Harry to attend a public school, Princess Diana insisted on Eton. There they could wander down and have tea with their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. The school didn’t use punishing feats of physical cold runs, cold showers and cold swims. But were William and Harry bullied at Eton nonetheless?

Yes. William in particular had to deal with the boys teasing him about his mother. He laughed it off, but it bothered him enough that he called Diana about it. The boys would tease William a bit, but he too, laughed that off, and he soon fit in with the boys at school and did very well.

Also, We know Prince Harry struggled in school. He had dyslexia(This is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words)but Harry was actually teased about picking up rubbish around his school. It was a habit he picked up from his father, to keep the environment cleaner.

Harry generally fit in just fine, though he didn’t enjoy classes and waited for his chance to join the armed services, once his gap year was finished. Basically all were teased and bullied. I wonder if most boys are. It seems like even being destined to become a king isn’t enough to stop others from bullying (in Charles’ case) and teasing. It’s a rite of passage for far too many people. But I’d say they all turned out well.