In this Covid-19 Pandemic, we heard this phrase, "I am so done with this life or so done with this pandemic" more times than we can count. We heard it from our friends, classmates, and even from ourselves quite a few times.

Many of us are becoming mentally and physically exhausted. As the time in life where motivation begins to stray is upon us, we should all take a moment and pep ourselves up to finish this covid-19 pandemic strong.

Science says that the amount of semen that is released once an adult healthy male has intercourse contains 400 million sperm. So, according to logic, if that amount of sperm found a place in the womb of a girl, then 400 million babies would be created!

Out of these 400 million sperms, running like crazy towards the egg, only 300-500 sperm survive.

And the rest? They die of exhaustion or defeat on the way. These are 300-500 sperm, which have been able to reach the ovum. Only one of them, a very strong sperm, fertilizes the ovum or takes a seat in the ovum. That lucky sperm is you or me, or all of us.

Have you ever thought of this great war?

When you ran "there were no eyes, hands, feet, head, yet you won.

When you ran, you didn't have a certificate, you didn't have a brain, but you won.

You had no education when you ran, no one helped but you won.

You had a destination when you ran and you ran with a single mind, aiming at that destination and you won in the end.

After that, many babies are lost in the mother's womb. But you are not dead, you have completed the full nine months.

Many babies die at birth but you survived.

Many babies die in the first 5 years of life. You are still alive.

Many children die of malnutrition. Nothing happened to you.

Many have left the world on the way to growing up, you are still there.

Today, You panic when something happens, you get frustrated, but why? Why do you think you lost? Why have you lost confidence?

Now you have friends, siblings, certificates, everything. There are hands and feet, there is education, there is the brain to plan, there are people to help, yet you have lost hope.

When you did not give up on the first day of life. Fighting to the death with 400 million sperm, you won the competition alone without any help by running continuously. Why do you break down when something happens Why do you say I do not want to live? Why did I say I lost? Why are you frustrated? Why would you lose? Why rate? You won in the beginning, you will win in the end. You were born a winner!