The US presidential elections will be held on November 3 today, with a prediction of a record-breaking turnout, with many using postal ballots, mail-in, and opting for early voting. The polls are between Donald Trump & Joe Biden.

It’s now the hours before the 2020 united states presidential election both candidates spent the last week fighting it out in battleground states. Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden are leaving no stone unturned in the key state of Pennsylvania. This is the state which Trump won last time against Hilary Clinton

President Donald Trump began his campaign sprint of battleground states in City Michigan four years ago. Trump took this state breaking the democratic party’s so-called blue wall in this nation’s industrial rust belt as election day approaches national polls to show he’s trailing Biden. He told the supporters that he saved this state’s car industry that he’d keep refugees away and continued his attacks on the former vice president Joe Biden.

On the other hand in Pennsylvania Joe Biden focused on taking back a state the president won by just over 44,000 votes last election as part of a nationwide effort to mobilize the black vote he told people there’s too much on the line to sit it out, communities of color have been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The former vice president Joe Biden says he’ll confront all forms of inequality and we’re going to address systematic racism and build real economic opportunity of equality for the black community The blinders have been taken off the American people have seen, they’ve seen how bad things are.

A survey of Americans between 18 to 29 showed that 63 percent will vote this time around compared to 47 during the 2016 presidential election. This time is not a vote of confidence for Biden than it is to get Trump out that is driving many voters to polling booths.

On the issue of the recent race-related issues, violence, and immigration children of immigrant parents have a very strong position. On the Republican party’s policies. It is the thumbs down for Trump when it comes down to the issue of climate change and the environment and how the administration handles the coronavirus pandemic. The question of handling the pandemic in most areas around universities and the student’s population have not appreciated the current government attitude in handling the situation.

The united states will soon elect its 46th president of America.