Most people think that cats do not do anything, they are lazy creatures and all they do is eat and sleep. Well, it's not like that!

Did you know that nowadays, there are already more people who have cats than dogs? and Do you know what is the mission of a cat?

Well, now I'm writing a series of facts about the secret life of cats, so that you know and understand them more. All cats have the power to, daily, remove accumulated negative energy in our body.

As soon as we sleep, they absorb that energy. If there is more than one person in the family, and only one cat, he can accumulate an excessive amount of negativity by absorbing energy from so many people.

"When they sleep, the cat's body releases the negativity that they eliminate from us." If in case we were excessively stressed, they may have more time to release that amount of negative energy.

And for that, consequently, they are accumulated as fat, until they can free it. Therefore, they become fat and you think it was the food that fed them!

"It's good to have more than one cat in the house so that the load is divided among them." They also protect us during the night, so that no undesirable spirit enters our house or room while we sleep. "That's why they like to sleep in our bed." "And if they consider as well, they will not sleep with us."

If there's something strange happening around us, they would jump into our bed and protect us. If a person comes to our house, and the cats feel that person is there to harm us or is bad, the cats then surround us to "protect" us.

If you do not have cats, and a stray cat enters your house adopting it as your home, it is because you need a cat at that particular moment. "Well, the street cat, volunteered to help you!"

"Thank the cat for choosing your home, for that job."If you have other cats and can not keep the street, look for a place for him. The cat came for an unknown reason to us physically, and in dreams, you can see the reason for the cat's appearance at that moment. There may be a debit, of the karmas that he has to pay you."Therefore, do not be scared or scare the cat." For "he" is going to return, in one way or another to fulfill this obligation."Cats cure us."

"Cats are adorable creatures, and they love their owners above all else, they just have a different way of expressing it"And, despite that, their love is true, so do not doubt that "They Are Our Great And True Friends Above All Good Fellows" 

Ctto. Taken from: Maktub