One of the great luck factors is contained in the power of decision. People are successful because they have made a clear Inequivalent do-or-die decision to be successful. People are unsuccessful because they have never made that decision for you to achieve greatness in your chosen field you must get serious about yourself and your future the great majority of people are strolling through life they want things to get better and they hope that things will get better but they have never made a clear definite decision to make things better by getting better.

I’ve read about thousands of successful people over the years and the turning point for every one of them came when they made a clear right decision to be the best in their particular field and as soon as you make that decision for yourself all of the various mental laws kick in and begin to work on your behalf you begin to attract ideas and opportunities for personal and professional improvement. You attract people into your life who can help with advice and introduction books, tapes and articles land on your desk or in your mailbox that help you to become better. They receive seminar and course brochures in the mail and the better you get the more opportunities you get at the same time to use your new developing skills and abilities.

One of the great success factors is the power of love this power which could even be called a law or principle says that everything you do in life is either to get love or to compensate for the lack of love a corollary to this law of love is that you will only be truly successful unhappy when you commit yourself wholeheartedly to doing what you most love to do its very hard for you to develop the clarity to decide the enthusiasm to begin and persistence to continue on the journey toward excellence unless you really love and enjoy your chosen field .

Here’s a question for you

If you want a million rupees cash and you could do anything that you wanted to do as a job or occupation what would it be in other words if you had all the time and money that you needed and you felt that you were free to choose any occupation?

what would most beloved to do all the great successes in our competitive world today are men and women who throw their whole hearts into becoming excellent doing something that they really care about something that they really make a difference in the world. If you are engineered in a remarkable way you will only be truly happy and successful when you feel that you’re doing something that really benefits other people in some way this external focus on making a difference in the lives and work of others is the common focus of all high-performing highly paid valuable people in our society so what kind of a difference do you want to make, who do you want to benefit and enrich and how do you want to do it, what sort of activities with others gives you your greatest feeling of self eastern and personal pride what accomplishment in your past has given you your greatest feeling of importance, what do you enjoy doing more than anything else.

It’s been said that life is the only study of attention your life always tends to go in the direction of those things that attract your attention most readily on of the ways that you can tell the right thing for you to do in the future is by looking at your past. What sort of skills or abilities have been most responsible for your successes in life to death, what have you always found it rather easy to do but which often came hard to other people, what subjects in school most fascinated you, what activities you most enjoy if you look at your current work what one part of your work to do get the greatest pleasure and satisfaction out of what one activity in your work do you do the very best and make the very greatest contribution at if you could only do one part of your work all day long from morning to night what one part of your work would you select with the way the world is changing rapidly today you are probably going to have a series of jobs and careers over the course of your working life every couple of years you will change either within your organization or from company to company or industry to industry .

Your current knowledge and skills will become obsolete and you’ll have to develop new knowledge and new skills in order to remain current in fact a great question for you to ask is what is my next career going to be and the most important question of all is what do I have to be absolutely excellent at doing in the future in order to enjoy a high and growing standard of living people who do not plan for the future cannot have the one and the best way to predict your future is to create it for yourself since you’re going to be changing jobs in the future anyway you can start right now to define anyway you can start right now to define and describe your ideal jobs or position. You can think through and determine for yourself which you really love to do you can then develop a plan to become really excellent at doing what you most enjoy so that you can be paid at the very highest levels of your profession and remember if you don’t do this for yourself no one else is ever going to do it for you people sometimes think that it would take them so many months or years to achieve mastery in a critical success factor arear that they lose heart and become discouraged before they even begin but often you can bring up your skill level in one week area in a matter of weeks or even months forever afterwards you will have that skill locked in at a higher level to use in combination with all your other skills in time you’ll forget the extra effort and sacrifices that you invested to achieve that level of skill but you will continue to enjoy the rewards and benefits of being one of the best in your field the law of improvement is a key luck factor as well it states that your life only gets better when you get better this law is very simple it says in conjuction with the law of correspondence that any part of your life can only impove when you improve if you want your sales to get better you must become a better salesperson if you want your staff to become better you must become a better manager if you want your children to become better you must become a better parent you.

You can improve any part of your outer world if you take the responsibility for going to work to improve your level of skill ability or attitude in that area if once you identified the one or two critical skills that you need to develop write them down as goals make a plan for their accomplishment set a timeline on them and start to work then no matter how long it takes just keep on keeping on be patient Rome wasn’t built in a day important skills take a long time to develop but if you preserve step by step brick by brick you will eventually become one of the best people in your field you will earn the rewards recognization and the acclaim of all the people around you people will tell you that you are lucky to choose that particular field or to commit yourself to excellence in that particular skill but you will know that luck had nothing to do with it.