The house at Pooh Corner was not a magical place. We all imagine the real Christopher Robin as the happiest little boy who ever lived but actually, his life wasn’t as magical as the boy he inspired.

Christopher Robin was a skinny, girlish boy. Father of Christopher and also writer A.A Milne used his son as inspiration for his legendary Winnie-the-Pooh books but, in reality, when A.A Milne was with his real son, he didn’t even know where to begin.A.A Milne said “I am not inordinately fond of children. I have certainly never felt in the least sentimental about them”.

He wrote for himself a dream son instead one who didn’t require real attention. Christopher Robin Milne described his father as an absent figure, locked in his office. Christopher Robin Milne said "It was my mother who used to come and play with me and tell him about the things I thought and did. It was she who provided most of the material for my father's books".

In 1926, Winnie-the-pooh became an overnight sensation and the real Christopher Robin Milne became the face of the publicity campaign. He posed for photographs with his father and his bear. sang songs from his father’s books for crowds of hundreds.

Due to this popularity at school, he was bullied relentlessly. His classmates would yell out “Where’s your teddy bear?” when he passed by, or else chant the poems his father had written. Often, bullying would even get physical. By the time Christopher robin turned 13, he was taking boxing lessons to defend himself. If boarding school was hard for him, adulthood was even harder. Much was expected of him from both his father and the world.

It seemed to me, almost, that my father had got to where he was by climbing upon my infant's shoulders, that he had flinched from me my good name and had left me with nothing but the empty fame of being his son.

The only comfort in his life at this time was his love Lesley de Selincourt. However, Lesly was also his first cousin. His family did everything they could to break them apart.
So Christopher Milne refused to take any part of his father’s royalties. Later he made a statement to the press that his parents were cold and detached. After this, his parents completely cut him out of their life. His father rarely talked to him again, his mother didn’t at all. Even on her deathbed, when the son begged for the chance to speak, she turned him down. In the last fifteen years of her life, he only saw his mother once.

Christopher Robin married Lesley anyway. The two had a daughter, Clare who had cerebral palsy. Christopher and his wife owned and operated a small bookshop in Devon. They enjoyed a happy and quiet life together.

Christopher Robin wrote three volumes of autobiography. There are two screen adaptations of Christopher Robin Milne’s story: goodbye Christopher Robin (2017) and Christopher Robin (2018). The first one posits a more historical account of A.A Milne’s relationship with his son. Milne donated all his toys that inspired the Pooh characters to the New York public library.

Christopher Robin and Winne-the-Pooh were nearly reunited in 1987, 40 years after his father had given the forgotten teddy bear away. The bar’s owner, E. P. Dutton, offered him the chance to take his bear back, but Christopher Robin turned him down.

My toys were and are to be no more than yours were and are to you. I do not love them more because they are known to children in Australia or Japan. The real boy had grown up. He didn’t need his bear anymore.