Male rock stars of the 1970s and 80s were often notorious for sleeping with young female fans. Now women are starting to see those encounters in a very different light. Through media and stan culture, the seventies have been portrayed and maintained as the era drugs, and rock n’ roll. For as long as I can remember and for decades before that, a certain type of woman (and a few men) has fought to get backstage at rock shows.

Lori Mattix, sometimes known as Lori Maddox, is a former child model and "baby" groupie of the 1970s. As of November 2015, she is a partner and buyer for the Glam Boutique in West Hollywood.

in 2015 in which she made allegations of being involved in sexual relationships with David Bowie, Jimmy Page, and Mick Jagger; relationships which would have occurred while she was underage and while the musicians were in their twenties. Her experience has become a notable discussion point in the Me Too movement, with her story marking one of the more notable examples in the shift of the movement's focus from the film industry to the music industry.
At the age of 13, Lori began frequenting clubs on Sunset Strip with her friend Sable Starr,particularly the Rainbow Bar and Grill, the Whisky A Go Go, and Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco.

When Mattix was 14 years old, she and Starr were introduced to David Bowie while he was on tour in the United States. When Bowie's tour returned to Los Angeles five months later, on the night before Bowie performed at the Long Beach Arena in March 1973, Mattix claimed, Bowie's bodyguard was sent to pick up her and Starr for a sexual encounter.

Sable Starr, who was known as the “Queen of the Groupie Scene,” greatly influenced Lori Maddox who was underage at the time. At a certain point, both Lori and Sable were constantly hanging out at nightclubs on the Sunset Strip located in West Hollywood.

Bowie invited Lori Maddox to the bathroom and got into the bathtub and requested for her to wash his back. Maddox remembers the incident and said that Bowie was wearing a beautiful red, orange, and yellow kimono. She confirmed the fact that Bowie later took her to the bedroom and took off her clothes to deflower her.

Maddox lost her virginity to Bowie, and he also went on to engage in sexual intercourse with Starr on the same night, which apparently Starr was bitter about. In an interview Lori Maddox said, “I saw David many times after that, for the next 10 years, and it was always great.”

There have been various allegations made against Lori Maddox about her having physical intimacy with Bowie while she was in a relationship with Jimmy Page, but none of it factual. 

Maddox ended her relationship with Jimmy Page after she found him sleeping with Bebe Buell, soon to be groupie and lover of Steven Tyler. After her fairy tale relationships with Bowie and Page ended, she continued living the lifestyle she so constantly desired. Lori Maddox, just like most of the notorious groupies, lives with little or no regret.