Lets drill into it why the art well we are the creative artists of our life.

Our life doesn’t come in a package. Life is a gift but the details of that life are up to us. We are the creators of our body, the creators of our circumstances and we are our responsibility is to become conscious participants in the creation of that we are shepherds of our thoughts so it stands to reason that the input that we have will have an effect on the outcome so becoming conscious participants is what’s it’s about now, the idea what you think you become with the Buddha this has been around with us for thousands of years. We can go back into history and we see this idea recurring.

This is 1903 dreams are the seedling of reality so these concepts point to the idea that the thoughts have an impact on creating our reality and so the question of becoming conscious participants in this process now whether you see yourself as a creator or a co-creator. It’s about becoming a conscious Cepeda. So the art of listening to we hear that being a good listener, listening is a good thing no pun intended but we don’t just listen with our ears. We know, we have an internal receptor that’s made up of heart mind and soul that is constantly taking in information constant income of information coming from our higher self.

So reawakening the ability to hear this inner voice is key to being able to navigate life information is coming in constantly coming from our higher self, soul self source universal intelligence God or vocabulary serves you when I hear to define the undefinable but we understand things from our perspective I see the universe from center from here. You see it from there so for all intents and purposes were all the center of the universe.

The guidance and information come from the outside and but it’s up to us to assimilate that information and make something of it. We have to understand it from our perspective so how does life send us messages there’s a constant stream coming in through all the occurrences that happen our life. It comes one thing that we get off the table right of the bat is that life doesn’t communicate with us with words and language. It communicates through messages through signals signs situations all this sort of thing and when we become better at interpreting.

What those that messaging system is it goes deeper it goes to intuition it goes to heart impulse. It goes to deep feelings and then as we go along we start to see it in coincidences occurrence is happening in our life. Synchronicity everything comes together so that we can accomplish our dreams and reach the destination. We have lines like the stars all aligned so that we could you know get a project done. We have a lot of these pretty statements about how things work and should work so about 10 years ago. We had the secret you remember that it was a documentary and a book and talked about following your dreams and the law of attraction. When the collective mind is ready for information it comes and that particular one went like wildfire. We were ready for it. I am also noticing that we are ready for the methods of achieving these broad statements that are made so for instance to follow your dream.

You have to have one seems like a simple concept but trying to find that mission that vision that intention it can be a challenging law of attraction does not work without the law of intention. The intention is the magnet. The universe knows what to send you if you don’t then the universe sends you all kinds of random stuff trying to see what will take what will work give you little chaotic intention and clarity of purpose can really help here so another statement is you’re the creator of your reality well own does that work well. Lets touch on it a bit so we are vibrational beings we are frequency everything is an accumulation a temporary accumulation of atoms and nothing says the same how does physical world change how does a canyon form forest well the common answer for that is erosion but how does rock transform itself so it can float down the river rock pretty solid right but still made of atoms and atoms are 99.999% space.

So through this vibrational process the particles and atom all rearrange themselves so that erosion can happen and rock floats down the river everything is vibration everything is frequency so how does this relate to thought well Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge then he deepened it with this the intuitive mind is the sacred gift and the rational mind is the faithful servant our society is honoring the servant rational mind and forgetting about the gift intuitive mind everything that we see around us everything that you see started in the imagination it started as thought an ID so we are quite enthralled with this thing we have this incredible brain can’t live it.

I mean some of us know people that don’t have a brain but that’s different right so the amazing brain now humans are to understand things we are isolationist
We isolate the problem in the disease and we tend to forget that everything works in system so far instance a gland problem well that’s part of the endocrine system so its an endocrine system from endocrine system is the network of all your glands and that well sort of related to our emotional field and our emotional landscape and that well that’s related to see what we are thinking our belief systems so everything is independent everything is connected. So speaking of connections this is the neural network of the brain did you know that this material runs down our spine wraps around our heart and goes down through our gut the same material that makes up our neocortex is found around our heart and in our gut.

Its electrical current so we can measure thought meter it's so neuroscientific study has studies where they hook up an individual to sensors all these sensors and they asked the participants a question when the person answers the question. The first lights that light up are the heart lights on the sensors will light up two to three seconds before the brain lights up the sensors the gut will light up before the brain lights up. Now, this is a scientific study that’s out there and what it does is it confirms that what we know intuitively we know there’s something else is going on. It’s not all just in the brain the heart math institute along with other organizations claim that the heart tells the brain what to do the brain is the supercomputer that kicks out the task what does your heart tell you to follow your heart.

I had a good gut feeling at a bad gut feeling now all these statements so something that we know intuitively is backed by science good to have science on our side these days because I think science is the religion of the day we have great faith in science and science is great it gets us to understand physical space or physical universe and that’s important but it gets us to where consciousness and all of a sudden the mathematical calculation no longer serve it was peer to chef Dan who said that "We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience”.

Now source we are here experiencing ourselves in individuality and we are quite taken by that so thoughts are electrical their energy, their frequency, this frequency. We output into a vibrational world everything is vibration thought is vibration. when you attach emotion. Thought when you emotion to an intention to a vision to a dream. It becomes the more powerful transmission and it moves out into our vibrational environment into our reality. That’s one of the interactions. We are speaking the language of the universe. Nikola Tesla another great mind of the last century. “if you wish to understand the universe think of energy” frequency and vibration so we’re not alone thinking these thoughts. The art of listening to life is a lot like sailing like navigating on the open ocean of life navigating is about making decisions making good decisions is about how you listen, how you interpret the information that’s coming in so thought and emotion put out that universal vibration gives this you are captain of your ship if there’s a slight change in wind direction. You have to make the corrections necessary to maintain smooth sailing if you don’t then you suffer the consequences if there’s a slight change in wind direction well that is a metaphor for incoming information from your higher self ignore the message don’t make the correction sailing becomes rough. You can even end up dead in the water one of my recent activities. I’m developing a relaxation app because quieting the mind is the first thing that needs to happen.

So quieting the mind we have Tv we have radio, we have city sounds that’s external noise, we have judgment, we have worry , we have fear that’s internal noise it all buries the inner voice silence deep conscious breathing in that deep silence ask yourself a question and in the first seconds that follow because remember the first seconds before the rational mind arrives because the heart shows up two to three seconds before the brain you’ll be surprised at what you see and there. It's one of the techniques for hearing the inner voice. We are shepherds of our thoughts imagination wields the power of creation. We can leave it to the subconscious self the unconscious self to create our lives for us. It ok for some not so great for others as an artist we can leave behind a sculpture a painting we can leave behind photographs words poems legacy but as creative artists, our greatest masterpiece is our life.

Our opportunity is in becoming conscious participants in the creation of that each one of us is writing our own story we have heard that a couple of times. Today becoming it's about becoming a conscious participant in that process now whether you see yourself as a creator or a creator. Its participation in the art of being is greatly enhanced through the art of listening to life.