Adolf Hitler’s Only Sister Paula Hitler was Born on Jan. 21, 1896, Paula was the youngest child of Alois and Klara Hitler and the last of Adolf’s sibling. When Paula was six years old, her father Alois died after suffering a pleural hemorrhage, and her mother Klara took over as head of the household.

Paula’s mother Klara moved her two young children from the family home in Leonding to a modest apartment in Linz, a small city in northern Austria. They lived frugally for several years, living off of the government pension Alois had left behind. Klara did not work, instead devoting her life to her children. Both Adolf and Paula would remember her fondly as a doting mother. Unfortunately, just five years after the death of her husband, Klara died as well.

Paula later moved to Vienna. In the early 1920s, she was hired as a housekeeper at a dormitory for Jewish university students. In 1921, while she worked at the dormitory, she was visited by her brother Adolf who she said appeared as if he had "fallen from heaven".

Later, she worked as a secretary. For the most part, she had no other contact with her brother during his difficult years as a painter in Vienna and later Munich, military service during World War I and early political activities back in Munich. She was delighted to meet him again in Vienna during the early 1930s.

Paula used the surname "Hiedler", the original spelling of "Hitler". By her own account, after losing a job with a Viennese insurance company in 1930 when her employers found out who she was, Paula received financial support from her brother, lived under the assumed family name Wolff at Adolf's request and worked sporadically. Adolf appears to have had a low opinion of her intelligence, referring to both Paula and their half-sister Angela as "stupid geese".

Paula kept quiet, focusing on supporting herself while writing letters to her brother who had bigger plans. She later claimed to have seen her brother about once a year during the 1930s and early 1940s. She worked as a secretary in a military hospital for much of World War II.

After Hitler, Paula Hitler was arrested by U.S. intelligence officers and held for questioning. She explained that though she loved her brother and received financial support from him, she had only seen him once or twice a year for the past decade, and actually had fairly little contact with him. She also claimed to only have met Eva Braun (Hitler wife), her brother’s ill-fated bride, once during those 10 years.

At the age of 64, In 1960, Paula Hitler died, ending the immediate Hitler family line. Other Hitler members existed, sons and daughters of Adolf’s half-siblings, but as for his immediate family, Paula was the last. Her death marked the end of a quiet life, tortured by her relationship with her brother, and plagued by the things he had done.