"You're so Fat"

"You're so Skinny" 

“You need to eat and put some meat on your bones”

“There is no way that is going to fit you”

Did you ever stop and think about how often we are told to change our appearance?

We live in a society where everyone wants to be perceived as a perfect person on their social media handles. Notwithstanding the reality, everyone is concerned about the pompous and dazzling display of their persona. The society is becoming image-heavy, to an extent that advertisements in magazines and newspapers, books, pamphlets, and online sources are all filled with posts defining norms of beauty that lead to disastrous consequences like body shaming. Body shaming has become a social norm all over the world including Pakistan now. 

People are getting adversely affected by this recurring mindset. In the midst of this growing concern, people are unloving themselves and are sweating after achieving the so-called "Perfect body" which does not exist. Words matter, and have the power to hurt. Even when we don’t realize it, words can cause someone to pause and pursue unrealistic expectations about their bodies.

Body shaming and the targeted criticism associated with it provoke people to possess lower self-esteem. It does not allow anyone to love themselves the way they are. They are making negative comparisons in classrooms, playgrounds, offices and social media, that generate serious psychological and mental disorders like anxiety issues, mood swings, and depression.

What is Body Shaming?

Body Shaming is the act of criticizing your own body of another person’s body in front of them or behind their back whether we know that body-shaming kills the same way cancer does and most of the time people did not realize that it could strongly affect the well-being of an individual in a lot of cases it leads to problems like eating disorders or suicide .

Body shaming goes beyond the basic forms like fat-shaming or skinny shaming. People could also be shamed for their heights or be criticized that they aren’t beautiful for the physique they have but no matter the form of body shaming is unacceptable on behalf of victims of body shaming. I want you to know if you haven’t already that it’s not okay to joke around about a person’s body it doesn’t matter if the statements are unintentional or not a person’s body figures should never be a conversation starter.

You should never start a conversation with someone you haven’t met for a long time by saying oh hey long time no see wow you put on weight look at your belly rolls have you exercise or God you’re still as skinny as a stick. I can see your bones you eat more. These are simple words that have the power to kill I grew up in a society where people think it’s okay to body shame each other all my life I’ve been criticized for being too fat.

People would tell me what they think I should look like to be classified as beautiful. They would ask me if I starved myself or assumed that I don’t like to eat being genetically skinny I get body-shamed even before I knew what body shaming it did always say things that make me feel connected to my body every time I get body shaming I start to feel dizzy colons branched and the whole body would tremble so hard and I feel like I lost my balance so the next time you think you have a right to express your opinions about someone’s body.

Think twice before you say them because you’re ignoring doesn’t affect people’s emotional and physical health but could also take away their life.

What is the first thought that you have when you look into mirror ever since I was young I have always wondered why do we have to label each other as short skinny short or by comparative aptitude because by doing so we’re allowing ourself to believe that what we look like it’s actually more important than who we are as human beings.

We need to stop body shaming ourselves to stop body shaming other people. I want you to know that there is no right or wrong way to have a body your body is a temple and it deserves to be worshipped so here to every single one of you who has ever doubt your own self-worth second-guess if you are beautiful who has struggled and fought so much to learn how to love yourself you are beautiful for your soul for your mind for your heart for how much you’ve been through how far you’ve come and most importantly for the body you have we are doing this for a reason why positivity is not just a trend I am writing this for a reason we are doing this for our friends and future children for the people we know love and care about we are doing this for ourselves and importantly for victims of body shaming.

I am not offering any solutions I am just telling you to speak up to get you to think, to get you talking about the issue sharing ideas and opinions with your friends and everyone else around you I am telling you to never be afraid to stand up for yourself and for everyone else. I alone do not have the power to stop something as universal as body shaming but we can start with small changes within ourselves and together we have the power to ignite this life-changing movement and influence the world to do the same and to keep fighting against this issue.