There are lots of rules and laws that we have to follow or obey in every country. These can be your everyday things from speeding to general behavior towards each other but aside from these well-known laws, there is some law so bizarre and today I am going to tell you some of the strangest rules regulation and ordinances from around the globe.

No Spitting (Except into Drains)

Be careful if you have something caught in your throat in Malaysia or Singapore, as you could be fined for spitting on the sidewalk, within a private building, or really anywhere that isn’t a drain. Not only does this spitting law protect the cleanliness of a city, but it also promotes good hygiene and manners for its citizens.

No chewing gum 

In Singapore, those who can’t live without chewing gum will be fined. Because it’s been banned here since 1992. The people there believe that gum can harm a person’s health and damage the environment.

Don't forget to Smile


In Milan, Italy, by law, everyone must smile at all times, except during funerals or visiting a hospital. If you don’t, you have to pay a fine.

Whistling in Canada

The city of Petrolia in Ontario has a law that limits excessive noise. The rule states that no yelling, shouting, whistling or singing is allowed at any time.

Don't forget your wife's birthday

In Samoa, Forgetting your wife's birthday is a crime. For bonus points, don't forget to get her a gift as well.

Wearing high heels in Greece

Leave your stilettos at home if you're planning on sightseeing around Greece's historic cities. High heels are illegal at certain ancient monuments because High heeled shoes are said to cause damage to Greece’s highly-trafficked monuments and historic sights.

In Switzerland, flushing the toilet after 10 pm in an apartment building is illegal. The Swiss government considers it noise pollution. In many areas, this means flushing the toilet or running a bath after 10 p.m. is prohibited.

No skydiving for unmarried women

If you are an unmarried skydiving enthusiast, who happens to be a female, do not attempt to skydive on a Sunday in Florida. This seems to take marriage and sacred vows to a whole new level. Unmarried women that are caught committing this weird crime can face jail time and/or fines. There is no need to run out and get married, simply remain aware of the law, and if you do not agree with it, contact your state representatives to voice your opinion.

It's illegal to step on money

In Thailand, it is illegal to step on the nation’s currency as all bills and coins have the picture of the King. Since the monarch is highly revered, stepping on his photo is illegal.

wedding notice in the newspaper 

In Greece, if anyone wants to get married, the law requires those to publish their wedding notice in a newspaper (written in Greek) or on the City Hall notice board.

Illegal to be fat 

In Japan that gave us sumo wrestling, being a little thick around the waist could get you in legal trouble. If you’re between the ages of 40 and 79, your doctor is required to measure your waist, and if you don’t fall within legal limits for men, a waistline not measuring over 33.5 inches, and every woman nothing over 35.5 inches. Japanese citizens can be fined or imprisoned for being overweight.