Now there’s gonna be times where you might feel down you might not have any energy, might lack motivation so hopefully, these six tips are going to help you these six ways I’ve boosted my mood in the past or that I still use today so hopefully they’re going to help you as well.

The first thing you have to do is to (Love yourself) and I am not talking about becoming a selfish or egoistic person but I am talking about accepting yourself accepting who you are to do that you have to stop comparing yourself with others. when you compare yourself with other people the first thing you notice is other people’s superiority and your shortcomings and if you do it consistently then each time you will find more reasons to hate your life over time it develops into a habit and you cannot objectively evaluate yourself evaluate your actions and their consequences, as a result, this habit leads to the fact that you have completely lost your confidence you stopped believing in yourself and the fact that you can succeed let's say

For Example, You got a job in a company and in your department, your colleagues have already earned an apartment cars and oversea vacations what kind of thoughts might come to your mind after seeing such scenario most probably you will start thinking that you’re a loser and haven’t achieved anything in your life although that you have your advantages you might be a fresh graduate so you might have more energy more free time or some kind of talent that no one has in that company except you. You unconsciously started looking at others better than you and that can have a serious damage on your self-esteem and if you don’t accept yourself as who you are then don’t expect others to do that for you, therefore, you have to stop comparing yourself to others the only person you can compare yourself to is your past self and to your past results to measure your development.

The second you need to do is to (Allow yourself to make mistakes) this ideology of becoming perfect everything is absolute nonsense so stop criticizing yourself with some minor mistakes, of course, each of us would like to achieve excellence in everything we do however it's impossible but what's possible is to achieve excellence in your talent your job is not to master everything but its to find what you’re good at and achieve excellence in that and if you do lots of mistakes in your life you should not be disappointed because that’s how we learn by making mistakes.

The third step you have to take is to (Stop complaining about your life) some people complain about everything in life the family that they are in the place that they are living the horrible friends that they have and endless things the maxim what you can achieve out of complaining is pity from others and I don’t think that’s something that you want but remember once they feel pity for you they will see you as a loser.

The next step is (You have to get yourself busy) with something that you enjoyed you can never have high self-esteem if every morning you wake up to do something that you hate for the whole day either try to love what you are doing or find a better job. I know changing a job is a bit uncomfortable I was in that situation and I know how it feels to start everything from beginning but doing what you love every day is far more important.

For Example, I am having a source of income and I am trying to do what I enjoy which is creating these videos to bring value into your life and I am trying to turn it into a source of income so that I will be able to completely focus on only doing this.

Fifthly (Respect your body your mind and your soul) the only way to accept who you are is to respect yourself respecting your body means to live a healthy lifestyle get rid of whatever is harmful to your body alcohol cigarettes doesn’t matter whatever it is spent at least three hours in the gym a week you know its an amazing feeling when you feel this pain once your muscles start growing you will feel that your muscles are used at their full potential. It will increase your confidence and boost your self-esteem read books to feed your mind and meditate to feed your soul

Lastly (Praise yourself) once you achieve something don’t give the credit to luck give it to yourself stop thinking that if you succeeded something it's because of luck sometimes there might be some external factors but it's you who work for it. It's you who put all that effort if you still don’t see it that the write down your achievements but of course don’t exaggerate to a point where you will start having an ego problem so these are the six steps that can help you to boost your self-esteem.