Grammy award-winning artist Rihanna has caused controversy for using an Islamic hadith at a show for her new make-up line. A song titled “Doom” by London based producer Coucou Chloe had verses of the hadith( saying by the Prophet Muhammad which Muslims use as guidance) mixed into the beat.

Rihanna has come under fierce criticism after lingerie models at her latest fashion show danced to a song that appeared to remix an Islamic hadith. The Hadith used talks of the day of the judgment.

Rihanna has been accused of disrespecting the values of Islam. So many people Muslims and non-Muslims accusing her of disrespecting Islam by using the sacred text in a sexualized context.

 i can’t let Rihanna have a pass w appropriating Islam like for her first show the models wore a scarf around their heads and it looked like HIJAB and her second show she used a track that remixed a HADITH....why is no one talking about this, my religion is not y’all’s aesthetic



Now, after a weekend of criticism on social media, Coucou Chloe issued a statement on her Twitter on Monday, apologizing for the use of the samples and announcing that the song would be removed from all streaming platforms.

 It is not the first time Rihanna’s has sparked controversy with Islam. In 2013, she was asked to leave Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque after posing inappropriately for photographs at the religious site.