When I was little I considered myself to be pretty realistic I never wanted to become a mermaid or a bird or anything that wasn’t human. Instead, I had my sights on becoming the first female president of Pakistan as I grew older that goal changed and shifted from actress to singer and at one point a mom. Fairly normal things for most kids eventually in middle school I discovered my love and passion for drawing and my career prospects change to that animator and artists are the job that came to mind.

I worked on improving my art skills and I felt unstoppable but then I learned money. I always knew what money was those crisp blue notes and shiny coins that made your hands smell funny. If you held them for too long but one day I started to let the true weight and impact of a money sink in when talking about dream jobs shifted from simple aspiration to actually planning for them. I learned something about myself I wanted financial stability. I wanted to keep my comfortable middle-class status forever. I wanted to go on vacations every year I wanted to be able to afford luxuries. I wanted to be able to never worry about running out of food water and electricity and so the idea of entering the art field when I grew up terrified me living on commissions having a barely sustainable wage living paycheck to paycheck all deterred me from ever wanting need wanting to become an artist again. So, I told myself I would not want to make my hobby into a full-time job. I thought I wasn’t going to stand out in such a competitive field but perhaps those are all just excuses.

Maybe I am just scared when chasing a dream there will always be fear failure rejection and especially of the unknown, the future is unpredictable darkness so many things could go wrong. We need to find a balance between fantasy and reality. So over the last few months I started developing my recipe for success disclaimer this recipe doesn’t include actual ingredients. Its that simple anyway success can mean a lot of things like having a lot of money being famous or being happy and content with your life what success means is up to you but I am going to focus on being happy with your life.

Priorities for me it was of course financial stability how did I find out ninth grade I took this class called college and career seminar which basically helped students create a plan of what they’re going to do in the next ten years although I ended up transferring out in the first few days of class. we took this work value survey the results of that surprised me. Nonetheless, not all of you have to take a survey to find out what you prioritize just imagine what you can’t bear to live without or you wish those were present in your life. Some people want freedom others may crave excitement, some wish to travel around the world and others would rather stay at home. Those are all perfectly fine once you get a listing priority you can start envisioning the life that includes most or even better all of your priorities and keep these values in mind.

Research can lead to depressing news shocking surprises and discouragement but its better to be informed tan ignorant only with research can you decide if something is truly right for you. When I was finding potential careers I did a lot of research. Such as when I was looking into becoming a JOURNALIST  I decided that the mental toll in length of time for journalism would probably need too much for me. However, while journalism school deterred me I have a friend who knows the risks but is still going to pursue a path to becoming a journalist.

Having the right mindset pursuing your goals or courage and perseverance when sharing or pursuing your dreams you may face criticism doubt but you must not be discouraged. I’ve chosen rejection of failure are inevitable such a when you’re denied jobs rejected from universities or miss opportunities. We must learn to accept it and continue it also helps to have passion and confidence tell yourself you will achieve your genes' love and commitment to your goals will allow you to keep going. There are people who absolutely adore art and are willing to pursue a career in it despite the risks and I admire them for possessing that courage perseverance passion and confidence.

Be flexible and creative the world is an ever-changing place in society is constantly evolving its best to create a plan that won’t come crashing down. If one tiny thing doesn’t work out although rejection and failure are unpleasant to think about it will happen one day. Find multiple solutions to learn from mistakes and don’t be discouraged as something doesn’t work out the first time to be creative in your thinking. Since no one falls the same step by step survival plan there are multiple ways to a destination and maybe you live in create a new path so with all these steps hopefully, you can find a balance of your dreams priorities and reality for me. I’ve decided to become a journalist so that I can continue learning and experiencing new things while also having enough time to pursue other passions like art. We shouldn’t be afraid to dream because of a harsh reality check instead we must speak, we must be flexible and creative enough to find new options or persistent enough to never give up if anybody here is discontent with their current life you can begin planning a happier future starting today

I may not an expert but my path to success is clearer than it was a year ago don’t be afraid to try something new don’t be afraid to walk an unfamiliar path, don’t be afraid of the unknown future, having a good life it's being happy can start now perhaps this isn’t a recipe for success, this is a recipe for happiness.