New Zealand’s passport has been named the world’s most powerful in a new ranking by The Passport Index which ranked the 193 United Nations member countries based on how many nations their passports granted visa-free access to, or allowed visitors to obtain a visa on arrival.

The new ranking by the Passport Index, which comes amid general travel chaos caused by COVID-19, puts the Kiwi passport in joint first place alongside Japan, with both passports granting visa-free travel or visa on arrival to 118 countries.

Australia was second on the list, tied with 11 other nations including the United Kingdom, Germany, and South Korea. Pakistan, with a score of 70, was declared the sixth-worst passport.

New Zealanders find themselves in possession of the world’s most desirable passport at a time when the data is showing a dramatic decrease in mobility and travel.

The US passport has dropped to the 21st in the ranking due to the poor handling of COVID-19 and the fact that not many countries and regions welcome US travelers.

It is the only real-time global ranking of the world's passports, updated as frequently as new visa waivers and changes are implemented, according to its official website.