It would be hard to find people that never gazed upon the wonder that is cartoons. Those cartoons were one of the greatest parts of our childhood years. Some of our most iconic cartoon characters may seem like they are only fiction but they are actually based on real people whether you’re into princess or heroes there are real people who inspired their existence.

Aladin given how many girls and young teens were crushing on an animated heartthrob in early 90’s the inspiration for Aladin was surely someone to behold Disney animators originally wanted to look at Michael J.Fox for the inspiration for Aladdin but they decided to base their character off an actor who had a bit more sex appeal so they went with a young Tom Cruise.


Belle was based on Sherri Stoner, who was a notable writer and producer of cartoons in the ’90s. she was a regular in the animation department at Walt Disney Studios. Which gave her the opportunity to be the inspiration for Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”.Some of Belles habits, like brushing the hair away from her face, are completely based on stoner.


The inspiration for Ariel from Disney’s the little mermaid came from not one but two women. Sherri Stoner was not only the inspiration for Belle but she was a reference point for Ariel. Along with stoner, Ariel was also based on Alyssa Milano while she was a child star on the television show, “Who’s the Boss”.


Ariel wasn’t the only character that was based on a real person. The ultimate villain from Disney’s, “The little mermaid” was actually based on a drag queen. yes, Ursula was based on divine, who was born as, Harris Glen Milstead. unfortunately, Divine would never to live to see Ursula come to life as she passed away in 1988 and the movie was released in 1989.


If you’ve ever seen Disney’s 1967 film, “The jungle book”, you might have felt that there was something oddly familiar about the Vultures, Who sing that song, “That’s what friends are for”.If you’re thinking that they are the bird version of the Beatles, then you’re right!. The Band’s manager Brian Epstein has asked Disney to include the band in one of their upcoming projects. However, John Lennon Nixed the idea long after the animation was done so Disney Scrambled to find a replacement song that The Beatles didn’t write but the vulture's appearance stayed the same.


If you’re a big fan of “The wonder years” then you probably remember Josh Saviano’s performances as Paul Pfeiffer, The best friend of the main character that performance would inspire the creation of Milhouse otherwise known as Bart’s best friend in the iconic tv show “ The Simpsons”.



The character of betty boop is based on Helen Kane an actress from the 1920’s not only did Ms. Boop look just like Kane, but they sounded the same too. Kane even had a signature saying, “Boop-Boop-A-Doop!” but Kane wasn’t flattered or impressed and she ended up Suing the animators and paramount pictures in 1932.


Harley Quinn made her first appearance in “Batman-The Animated Series” in the ’90s and she was based on the woman who provided her voice Arleen Sorkin is best known for being on the show, “Days Of Our Lives” and in one episode there was fantasy scene where Sorkin was dressed as a clown. Paul Dini, the creator of Harley Quinn Ran the idea of Harley being a wise-cracking sidekick for the joker based on Sorkin's wit and timing.


The inspiration for Pocahontas not only provided her looks but her voice as well as Native American actress, Irene Bedard was the reference point and main inspiration for the heroine on almost every level. When you see the cartoon and Irene together, you can’t deny that the resemblance is uncanny.


Merge champion was a well-known actress in the ’30s and ’40s and she was the inspiration behind the titular character of snow white from” Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” as well as the blue fairy in “Pinocchio”.Champion went into the Disney studios several times a week to model different scenes for animators and she even wore a football helmet over her head after production decided to make snow white’s head larger than normal.