Mona Lisa regarded as the most recognizable painting in the whole world and one of the mysterious ones too with speculations still going on about the true identity of the woman in the painting the subtly hidden codes and letters confusing people even 500 years later and the smile of hers......

Here are some hidden secrets of Mona Lisa's painting 

Mona Lisa has no eyebrows

I mean for a painting that has been so meticulously detailed by the legendary da Vinci. It would be pretty stupid to forget to draw her eyebrows. But Pascal Cotte(French engineer) who dedicated 3000 hours only examining the Mona Lisa claims that he could see traces of a left eyebrow which cannot be seen with the naked eye he created an ultra-high resolution close-up that magnified Mona Lisa’s face 24 times and his conclusion is that Mona Lisa once had both eyebrows and eyelashes but that due to years of restoration by curators the eyebrows have been gradually eroded to the point that they are no longer visible.

Mona Lisa was pregnant

Research studying 3D images of the Mona Lisa says that she was probably either pregnant or had just given birth when she sat for the painting the fine veil around Mona Lisa’s shoulders was a garment which women of the Italian Renaissance wore when they were expecting. The veil called Carmello is transparent and it looks similar to a gauzy garment in Sandro Botticelli's “Portrait of a Lady” depicting a pregnant woman with her hand over her stomach.

A hidden portrait found under the original painting

Once again Pascal Cotte who has spent 10 years analyzing the painting came out with another claim that with user LAM a technique which he pioneered. He found out that the image that he reconstructed underneath the surface of the painting is Leonardo's original Lisa and the portrait named Mona Lisa for more than 500 years is, in fact, a different woman. If this theory is actually confirmed then this may prove that all of us have been admiring a fake Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa’s eyes appear to move

It doesn’t matter if you look Mona Lisa directly or at a 45-degree angle her eyes always seem to move with you and she keeps looking at you. Researchers have determined that the way we interact with static images differs from how we view individuals when we view a painting our mind registers the image as 2D but the object as 3D and our minds goes haywire.

The science behind Mona Lisa smile

Mona appears to be smiling until the viewer looks directly at the subject’s mouth at which point it seems downturned good researchers have finally figured this out that this effect was achieved using da Vinci’s trademark smoky effect known as sfumato on the painting by applying up to 40 layers of extremely thin glaze probably smeared on with his fingers at the time when da Vinci was perfecting Lisa’s smile .