In another shocking incident, a 13-year-old minor Christian girl has been abducted from Pakistan's Sindh province, converted to Islam, and married off to her kidnapper.

Pakistani contractors preach the world on Islamophobia while oppressing our minorities with state patronage. Especially in interior Sindh many minor girls become victims of rape, abduction, forced marriage, and forced conversion.

Forcible conversion to Islam has become the concern of mainstream media. Several cases of conversion to Islam are reported to have occurred around the world, particularly in Interior Sindh. This is extremely shocking because this violates the total Islamic prohibition of forced conversion. Islam neither allows forced conversion nor accepts the faith of those who are forcibly converted to Islam. Forced conversion can’t create love and faith in one’s heart, as Islamic faith is not related to outward following of rituals, but rather it is a matter of acceptance by heart.

Sindh accommodates 6.6 percent of the entire total Hindu and Christian population of Pakistan but the Sindh government has failed to comply with its international obligations to protect non-Muslim women and girls from exploitation by powerful groups and criminal elements.

Their names change, their dreadful stories remain the same. Arzoo Raja is a 13-year-old Christian girl who was kidnapped on October 13th, 2020 by a 44-year-old man Azhar Ali. She was then raped and made to forcefully convert to Islam.

As per the documentation, it's showed that she was married to him on the same day October 13th.

The parents of a 13-year-old Christian girl Arzoo Raja demand justice to win back their daughter as they claim their child was abducted by a man who forced her to marry him and convert to Islam.

Police summoned the family two days later and said that the abductor, Ali Azhar, who is already married with children, showed them a certificate of marriage to Arzoo. The certificate stated the girl’s age as 18 and that she had willingly converted to Islam.

However, the family has an official birth certificate showing that Arzoo is only 13 years old.

Attached is a video that shows that the parents were not allowed to meet their daughter when she arrived at the court. As she saw her mother Arzoo tried to run towards her but was stopped by Azhar who kidnapped her and his family.

The little girl was all surrounded by the abductor's family. The mother kept on crying and shouting to let her meet her daughter until she fainted.

The fear of kidnapping and conversion has had an impact even on affluent Sikh and Hindu families in interior Sindh, who, over the years, have stopped their girls from getting an education after primary school. They say that it is the only way for them to protect vulnerable girls.

Twice the Sindh government attempted to outlaw forced conversions and marriages, including laying guidelines for the court process in the Protection of Minorities Bill, placing an age limit of 18 years upon conversions, and enabling better due process.

Prime Minister Imran Khan can say Pakistan will take strict against anyone targeting minorities, but this practice has continued for years with impunity.

The time is ripe for the government of Sindh concerned to contemplate a long-lasting solution to this burning issue to safeguard the rights of minority girls and women. This will help them enjoy a carefree life beyond forced conversions and marriages with people of other religions. All of this is encouraged and supported by religious fanatics.