46th president of America Joe Biden being named the winner of the 2020 election over Donald Trump. After Joe Biden win in election, , it looks like dogs will once again grace the halls of the White House.

Major the German shepherd spent his puppyhood in an animal shelter. In January, he’ll move into the White House.

Nearly every president in U.S. history shared the country’s most famous residence with pets. Just like The Biden family’s two German Shepherds, 12-year old Champ and 2-year old Major will call the famous house home.

Champ is no stranger to a life of politics, having stood by his dad Joe Biden when he served as the nation’s Vice President between 2008 and 2016. A puppy during his early days in One Observatory Circle, Champ’s occasional “accidents” prompted an upgrade from off-white carpeting to hardwood flooring in the vice-presidential residence. But, a life in the spotlight will be new to young Major.

Although many former First Families have rescued dogs, Major will be the first that was adopted from a shelter.