French President Emmanuel Macron faces severe difficulties which is the second wave of Covid-19 infections and resurgence in Islamist attacks that this has kept the country’s president Emmanuel Macron who famously or infamously said that "Islam is a religion in a bit of crisis."

Globally Macron finds himself in the middle of a deep crisis in his nation. He’s battling these twin crises one is the pandemic, the steadily rising number of infections and also the Muslim protests and attacks. A couple of terror attacks that have taken place in the last couple of weeks.

France President Macron in his political career at his point of time where he is facing a make or break moment. which will determine the success of his presidency and perhaps even his chances of re-election.

In the year 2022 many analysts say that is the reason why Macron has been making the kind of comments that he’s been making now.

Remember when Macron came to power in 2017 on a wave of optimism that he was a transformational leader who would bring much-needed reform to France and restore its confidence as a player on the global stage. He was elected as a young leader a transformational leader who would bring about the country’s credibility

But just a year after being in power Macron was faced with a few crises from the yellow west protestors against his reforms to the nationwide strikes over his new pension system which would have made lots of workers lose a substantial part of their pensions. As soon after the protestant strikes dwindled the world hit by the Covid-19 pandemic which forced a nationwide lockdown and France was beginning to recover from the economic impact of the covid-19 infections.

As France was beginning to recover from the economic hit of that lockdown, the virus surged again, forcing Macron to announce a fresh lockdown and with that the nation is also facing a new challenge and that is Islamist protests or attacks have rocked.

France after the beheading of a teacher and also of the killing of three people inside of the church in the city of Nice. The spring of attacks are being seen as a bit of a reaction to the president’s anti-radicalization plan has been slammed is completely racist by the Islamic world leaders including Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and the President of Turkey and even of Egypt.

The Macrons response to the recent terror attacks also faced a backlash from the other Muslim leaders prompting a boycott of French goods and also protest around the world.

Macron fails to reunite a majority behind his project, the consequences would reach far beyond and i think at this anxiety-inducing moment, Emmanuel Macron probably has the worst job in the world.