Labour Day is celebrated on 1st May every year in Pakistan. Labour Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers but do you really think that our poor labour gets all these advantages of labour day.

Pakistan has one of the largest labor and manpower resources in the world but unfortunately Day by day the condition of the labor is going to worst, every day increasing prices of products, soaring inflation, excessive load shedding of electricity and gas, low income, and government’s poor policies, no political stability, and law and order condition going worst. Labours our helpless to do work on labor day as well. Labours said we want money or good policies for us, not a holiday.

Government of Pakistan under the direction of International Labour Organization assigned the Pakistan Labour Act in 1972, where it was officially announced that the Labour Day will be celebrated on 1st May every year. In Pakistan, our mazdoor does his work on May 1st (Labour day) as well. and who are taking the advantages those who work in the air-conditioned rooms in the offices.

Basically, the origin of this special day can be traced back to around in the 19th century. when the 'Eight-Hour Day Movement' began. That time the industrialization was growing mighty, and the industrialists used to exploit the labors. The labor class used to keep working for 15 hours a day against lower wages. When the labor class realized the injustice and exploitation of the industrialists, they started a movement against the industrialists. The labor class demanded higher wages, paid leaves and break during the work. The labor class advocated a well-proportioned division of 24 hours, i.e., eight hours’ working, eight hours’ recreation and eight hours’ rest for them. Finally, the industrialists had to give in before the demands of the labor class, and they admitted their demands.

on May 1st when trade unions here take out marches and give speeches in an attempt at improving the conditions of a high percentage of working people here who are still regularly underpaid and overworked but does it really work?

Labour day commemorates the sacrifices of our forefathers their loyalty to our country and their passion for protecting our freedom and right. Standing against the oppressors to abuse and exploit their rights in having fair hours of work safe working conditions and just paint, more importantly, labor day highlights the issues.